30 options that will make you want to join this fad


Sasha & Christy | NYC

Hard to find someone who doesn’t love a beautiful, versatile and comfortable outfit at the same time, isn’t it? After all, nothing better than being well dressed and without anything bothering your body. And for that, the nap dress is the ideal choice! Want to know more? So, come with us and bet on this wonderful fashion!

what is nap dress

The nap dress, or nap dress, emerged during the quarantine and gained strength from influencers and bloggers. Large, it is made of softer fabrics and is perfect for many occasions, from a walk in the park to a meeting with family and friends.

30 nap dress to combine style and comfort in one look

Versatile, the nap dress can be used in a variety of looks. Those who like something more laid-back can bet on a combination with tennis. The more romantic ones will love a basic sandal to complement it. And there is no shortage of colors and models for you to have in your closet. Want to see it? So, check out the inspirations we’ve separated:

1. Anyone who likes comfortable and fluffy looks will love nap dress

Courtney Halverson

2. The quarantine fashion has conquered many women

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3. After all, nothing beats comfort combined with style, right?

Lisidolly Savaglia

4. So, how about playing in this trend?

Marilia Mendonça

5. There is no shortage of models for the most varied tastes

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6. You can bet on very laid-back looks

Luisa Accorsi

7. A romantic composition

Cassie | daily style journal

8. Or even something pulled into the cottagecore

Courtney Halverson

9. Do you have an afternoon walk with friends?

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10. Bet on a light nap dress


11. Work meeting?

Sasha & Christy | NYC

12. Choose a dress in a darker color

Sarah ‘Saz’ Ring

13. Speaking of dark colors, the nap dress looks beautiful in black options


14. Well, it mixes the romanticism of this cut of clothes

daughter-in-law massey

15. With a classic and mega elegant color

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16. Looks beautiful with sneakers


17. Or with a looser sandal

Dawn Lucy Ageless Style

18. But, those who prefer light clothes will love models like this

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19. Or this one, really cute


20. The tip is to create a complete look

Petiteellie | Ellie May

21. You can even throw a blazer over it

Jessica Lopes

22. It’s a killer with any kind of shoe

emma rose

23. Play on the prints

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24. Like something floral, that brings that spring/summer air

Mary Higham

25. Strong shades are also beautiful

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26. What matters is that you fall in love with the dress

Stephanie Smith

27. And be able to assemble several looks


28. Believe me, you can’t help but fall in love

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29. You’ll want to use it everywhere


30. And it will feel wonderful!

Thais Dutra Sa

Impossible not to fall in love with nap dress! And if you like looks with a dress, then be sure to check out these beautiful long summer dresses.

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