30 looks to know how to use this piece


Amanda Mendes

Wide leg jeans are a sure hit! It has a straight and looser shape on the body, but with less volume than the pantaloons. It is a piece full of style and versatility. To learn how to use it, read on!

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8 wide leg jeans options to call your own

If you are looking for wide leg jeans to buy, you need to check the list that we have separated. Try to choose only one!

1. How about a basic option?

Buy at Renner

2. The torn pants have a touch of special style

Buy at C&A

3. Your wide leg can be shorter

Buy at Farfetch

4. Or get to the feet

Buy at Amaro

5. Which is your style most?

Buy at Zattini

6. The clear wash is pure charm

Buy at Riachuelo

7. But it’s worth betting on a darker shade

Buy at C&A

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8. You are in charge!

Shop at Zara

It is a more beautiful option than the other, isn’t it? This model goes well with everything and combines for several occasions, as you will see in the list of inspirations below.

30 looks with wide leg jeans to compose a stylish look

To learn how to combine the piece with what you have in the closet, follow the inspirations! You’ll see how devastating wide leg pants are!

1. The model goes super well for stripped-down looks

Victoria Rocha

2. Tennis + T-shirt is the perfect match


3. Black has style to spare

Cindy Pineda

4. And why not some color?

Karol Miranda

5. Do you prefer simple jeans? Success!

Ellen v Lora

6. What about white?

Laura Jade Stone

7. Everyday looks get extra charm with the wide leg

Larissa Cunegundes

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8. Don’t you think?

Amanda Mendes

9. It goes with everything

Charlotte Kuhrt

10. Making the look less basic

Thalia Ferraz

11. It’s a good option even for hot days

Oriane Adjibi

12. For having a looser model

Thássia Naves

13. Wide leg jeans are ideal for work too

Luisa Accorsi

14. Be for a more serious footprint

Victoria Rocha

15. Or casual too

Ju Romano

16. Style is guaranteed in winter

Signed, Blake

17. In this photo, it is the torn pants that guarantees a relaxed touch


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18. How about this look for a walk?

Camila Coutinho

19. The best thing is that this model goes well with all styles

Kelly Augustine

20. As in this super school

Francis Lola

21. You can bet on wide leg jeans even for events

Camila Coelho

22. It all depends on the composition you make

Thássia Naves

23. One thing is for sure: you will look beautiful without effort

Laura Jade Stone

24. Look at what a breathless production!

Camila Coelho

25. Some people prefer a basic look

Consuelo Blocker

26. And who does not give up a pattern and flashy colors

Karol Miranda

27. Wide leg pants work for all

Amanda Mendes

28. It speaks for itself


29. Certainly, it will be your new darling

Karol Miranda

30. And will accompany you on many occasions!

Cindy Pineda

So, convinced of the success of wide leg jeans? Use and abuse your creativity to crush yours! Another model that is successful is mom jeans. See the inspirations and play!

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