30 looks that will make you adhere to this fashion


Julia Berolzheimer

Romantic style is synonymous with femininity. Full of delicate looks, but with a lot of personality, it is present in the wardrobe of many women. Check out how to include this proposal in your daily life and get inspired by beautiful combinations.

What is the romantic style?

The romantic style is marked by representing sweet, delicate and very feminine women. Although flowers and light tones are predominant, the romantic style has now also gained a modern touch, finding the perfect balance between girl and woman. To adhere to this fashion, there are some pieces that can help you convey this message. Check out more about its features:

  • Lace and tulle
  • Light and loose clothing
  • Bright colors
  • ruffles
  • full skirts
  • floral dresses
  • Shirts with puffy sleeves and bows

Now just find the pieces that best match your personality. With so many cool options, your closet will be filled with clothes that convey a lot of love. Want to check out some inspirations?

30 photos of romantic style looks to fall in love

The romantic woman is very versatile. It can be present in everyday life, in the workplace and at parties. Check out which pieces are most suitable for each moment and get inspired to create stunning looks:

1. Romantic style wins many hearts

Ana Paula Siebert

2. So, how about checking how it applies in practice?

Denise Uliam

3. Dresses are definitely essential pieces

Isabela Ferrer

4. The well-rounded skirts create a wonderful effect

Parisian Anywhere

5. With the puffy sleeves any piece is even more amazing

Thassia Ships

6. Want to dress up for a party? Abuse of transparency

Shop in Lez a Lez

7. And for everyday, choose looser cuts

jade seba

8. Sandals make the romantic style cuter

Deborah David

9. Choose delicate prints that give personality to the piece

Isabela Stefania

10. The jumpsuit is perfect for a more modern proposal

Julia Berolzheimer

11. Accessories will make the look more complete

Buy at Marisa

12. Heel sandals enhance the woman’s posture

feeling the fashion

13. Is it possible to be romantic in black

Juliane Flavia

14. With ruffles any dress is cuter

Gabrielle Garcia

15. The midi length is very versatile and elegant

Buy at Off Premium

16. Finish the look with a gold key using a loop belt

Clin Oliveira

17. Skirts are welcome and look beautiful in multiple layers

Rich Marre

18. The midi length with the widest bar looks amazing

Ana Heloiza Emy

19. Want a more casual proposal? invest in little monkeys

Buy at C&A

20. With a hat everything is more romantic

Corey Golden

21. If you want a touch of modernity, the puffy shirt is your choice

Lucia Martinez

22. This draped cropped conveys the message well

Rosa and the city

23. Find the perfect balance between flashy and basic pieces

Talita Faria

24. Another super-romantic basic black

Buy at Animale

25. Feel beautiful and confident in a frilly shirt

Esther Contão

26. Even in fresher looks you can bring a touch of romanticism

Irisléia Santos

27. For those who don’t give up comfort, sneakers are a great option

Marcelle Nega Flower

28. There can’t be a lot of floral prints in the wardrobe

Chiara Ferragni

29. You can already see that looks elicit a lot of sighs

Ste Lopes

30. Spread a lot of love and surprise with this beautiful style

Camila Coelho

Romanticism is amazing and never goes out of style. Synonymous with love, shades of pink are constantly present in production. And to expand your look options, check out this incredible selection of long pink dress.

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