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If you are a fan of a well-structured piece, you certainly know the corset. It has been part of fashion for many years and has recently been gaining lighter and more modern formats. Discover the evolution of this remarkable piece and check out ideas for incredible looks.

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History of the corset

Created in the 16th century, the corset had the function of supporting and shaping women’s bodies. Thus, the waists were thinner and the bust was higher. This structure helped to make the posture more elegant and also to shape the abdominal region. For this reason, it was used under the main clothing, but over time it started to be used as an external garment.

Its composition is made of firm fabrics and in some cases it also has pieces of metal and thick cords to enhance the support. This helps the woman to feel powerful and imposing. Recently, it has gained lighter versions that are easy to use on a daily basis and awaken the feeling of empowerment and security.

Corset X Corset

Caroline Hu

The translation of the French word “corset” into Portuguese is corset. That is, they are the same thing. A well-structured piece, with steel fins for support and mooring cords on the back. In ligerie stores it is also common to find pieces with the name of corset, these are an inspiration and have a structure that is much lighter.

Where can you buy corset

Interested in this amazing piece? You don’t have to feel like it. Check out some options of stores and varied models. Ready to put a beautiful corset on the cart?

  1. Lace corset, at Dafiti;
  2. Corset Fashion, at Farfetch;
  3. Corset blouse, on Aliexpress;
  4. Corset Cropped, at C&A;
  5. Top Corset, at Lez a Lez;
  6. Top Corset, at the Oqvestir store;
  7. Cropped Corset, at Renner.

Now it is easier to guarantee this wonderful piece in your wardrobe. You can choose between different colors, firmness and length. It has something for everyone!

30 photos of looks with corset to use this piece in your day to day

A corset is not only made of sensuality. This timeless piece has gained new, more stripped down and joyful versions for your routine. Check out several combinations with this classic and put it into practice in your next production.

1. The corset is an impactful piece


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2. And that raises the level of any production

Kim Kardashian

3. It looks good with printed pants


4. And also with basic jeans

Naia Roma

5. Looks great with a jacket over it

Nycole Trinity

6. Or with a powerful coat

Lina Letto

7. It can cover the breasts in the overbust version

Elena Marlen

8. Or stay below them, in the underbust version


9. The overlays are even more amazing with this piece

Jara Carrasco

10. Just let your creativity go and mix it with other blouses

Jannell Bond

11. The corset has been conquering modern women

Ria Kriplani

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12. It can be of the shortest length

Just Lo

13. Or longer


14. A plain corset is a key part

Style With Gen

15. But the prints are beautiful and striking


16. If you want to impress, make sure your sleeves are

The Vesna

17. The straps also supercombine with the corset


18. This piece is successful because of the well-structured details


19. Like for example the tying on the back


20. Abuse of the corset in winter


21. And also in summer

Bodine Raven

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22. Choose a colorful and fun look


23. Or keep the line more casual and classic

Shikha Kohli

24. The nude color conveys elegance

Lekha Bobbala

25. And a little black nothing basic is indispensable

Katherine Gadea

26. Be a more open and fresh cut

Madison Beer

27. Or an overlay with a long sleeve blouse

Ειρήνη Σπυριδωνίδου

28. Anyway, this piece looks beautiful

Source name

29. So include her in your productions


30. And feel very powerful hanging around!

Katalina Stelle

With this incredible selection, it became easier to choose which corset suits your style the most. And to stay tuned and updating, check out these amazing pieces of fashion from the 2000s that are back.

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