30 looks and tutorials to bet on the piece


Thássia Naves

It is no secret that the tie-dye is successful, right? The technique consists of dyeing the fabric and leaving it “stained”, perfecting the colors. We have separated 30 inspirations and tutorials of tie-dye dress for you to make yours and compose the best looks. Are you curious? Then read on!

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30 tie-dye dress photos that will color your days

The following inspirations will help you to combine the piece and convince you that it is worth it! Do not believe? Then get the proof!

1. Your piece can vary a lot

Thássia Naves

2. Some prefer the glued models

Camilla de Lucas

3. In this case, the tube is ideal

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4. Don’t you think?

Francis Lola

5. Some options have everything to do with everyday practicality

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6. Of course, with tennis you will be successful

Ellen V Lora

7. As in this stripped look

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8. And why not a sandal?

Thássia Naves

9. Have you noticed the versatility of the tie-dye dress?

Madison Grace

10. It is worth letting creativity go in compositions

Ellen V Lora

11. How about the midi model?

Yasmim Stevam

12. We are in love!

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13. Tulle looks are also a trend

Oriane Adjibi

14. Tones can be more vibrant …


15. As in this inspiration

Thássia Naves

16. And the pattern varies

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17. You choose

Karol Miranda

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18. Do you prefer more neutral tones? All good!

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19. The tie-dye dress is for everyone!

Micah Gianneli

20. For being a stylish piece

Karol Miranda

21. And that goes with a lot

Ellen v Lora

22. There are no rules

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23. Bet on the long

Camila Coelho

24. Or the overwhelming puffing sleeves

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25. The gypsy model is also cute

Ivy Moraes

26. Just like the chemise

Mel Soares

27. Can you decide which is the best look?

Madison Grace

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28. Long T-shirts are options full of attitude

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29. And they are worth the investment!

Gabriela Versiani

30. Anyway, there is a tie-dye dress model for you!

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Did you see how the play is a sure hit? Now that you know how to put together the looks, it’s time to learn how to make your own art!

How to make tie-dye dress

Prepare the materials when it’s time for DIY! We list some videos that can help you make the perfect tie-dye and have an impeccable dress. Remember that you can adapt to any other piece! Drop play!

Tie-dye dress with paint

This tutorial shows you how to make a smokey tie-dye and improve that white dress you want to give up. Click on the video and check out how to do it and the result of this incredible customization!

Various tie-dye techniques

Clicking on the video gives you step by step to make three tie-dye techniques. The tutorial is on t-shirts that can be used as a dress, but you can adapt and customize any other piece, such as a dress, pants, shorts… Unleash your creativity!

One-color tie-dye dress

Here, you learn to dye your dress a single color, but leaving the effect of marbled tie-dye. The tutorial is very short and easy to follow, so it’s worth a try. Take a look!

Black tie-dye

Black clothes, bleach and rubber bands … Everything in hand? So let’s play this amazing tutorial that helps you renovate your closet! Click and check it out!

With these tips, it will be easy to rock around with your dress! To follow the trend, check out these tie-dye bikini inspirations and shine a lot!

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