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Cass Dimicco

Have you heard of the muscle tee? This is a t-shirt that has made the head and wardrobe of the famous. With a style of bodybuilding shirt (hence the name muscle tee), this new piece has adapted and became wildcard for those who want a basic look, but with a lot of style. Check out how-to inspirations and tutorials:

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30 looks to rock the muscle tee

The muscle tee is a basic and completely versatile piece. You can combine it with skirts, jeans, sneakers or heels. Want to know how to put together a look with her? Check out our inspirations and rock this amazing piece!

1. The muscle tee is a non-basic piece


2. It serves to compose simple looks

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3. Or more extravagant

Jill Wallace

4. Can be used at work

Camila Coutinho

5. Or on a more casual occasion

María Valdés

6. Perfect for a monochromatic look

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7. And beautiful in any tone

Samyjo Valentine

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8. Bet on bold combinations

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9. Planters and muscle tee are BFFs


10. This piece looks amazing with skirts

Halabi Peace

11. Both midi models

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12. As for the long skirts


13. And even the shortest ones

Fer Lima

14. With pants, there are no rules

Pernille Teisbaek

15. Looks perfect with jeans

Grece Ghanem

16. With tailoring pants

Halabi Peace

17. Or with a sweatshirt

Thais Farage

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18. Let the muscle tee complete your style

Danielle Bernstein

19. It can be any way

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20. Styles are varied

Maria Sikakova

21. Every detail in this piece is magnificent

Jen Azoulay

22. Muscle tee with neckline? Yes!


23. Accessories are a great way to enhance the piece

Luciana Tranchesi

24. Highlight your stripped look

Thássia Naves

25. It is a great everyday outfit

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26. Perfect for simpler looks


27. A super practical piece

Sheryl Luke

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28. Which can also be used in chic moments

Cass Dimicco

29. This will be your wildcard

Samyjo Valentine

30. And you can have it in every possible color!


These are some of the countless possibilities to use the muscle tee, this super-versatile and great piece for almost any occasion. For sure, having it in your wardrobe will be a great idea!

How to make muscle tee

Because it is a very basic piece, you can make your muscle tee yourself, renovating that shirt that you haven't used in months and that was in the wardrobe just taking up space. So, start separating the blouses and see how to give them a new destination:

3 ways to make your muscle tee

Learn how to make your own muscle tee easily and using only what you have at home. The Diva in Pajamas channel teaches you step by step to make the top of the moment without a headache and without spending anything. Check out!

Improvise and rock the look

Are you in a hurry, late and don't know what to wear? Learn how to improvise the top of the moment and do well at any time. Ursula Alves teaches you how to transform your basic blouse into a stylish piece without spending a lot of money. See for yourself how it is possible!

Get inspired and do it at home

You can already see that this blouse is a trend, right? The youtuber Millena Lins will teach you how to make everything from a basic blouse, in addition to giving tips and looks to inspire you.

Summon the seamstress within you

If you have sewing skills, have creativity and like to do everything in your style, why not make your muscle tee from scratch? In this video, Fran Misticoni teaches how to make your own blouse with simple materials, for those who are passionate about sewing and have a stylist inside them.

Fashion doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive, and the muscle tee is proof of that. If you want more fashion tips, see how the mullet skirt can be used and adopt the piece in your day to day!

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