30 inspirations for your wardrobe this summer



The warmer seasons call for more vibrant and lively looks. The long floral skirt is the perfect example of a piece that adds a more welcoming and cheerful look to the look, so betting on it can be the key to liven up your style and, who knows, even your day. Check out inspirations to adopt and options to buy!

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10 flowery long skirts to buy and brighten up your look

The long flowered skirt can be a very versatile item in your wardrobe, in addition to being a piece that takes you away from the basics of everyday life. Thinking about it, we separated beautiful models of this skirt so that you start to adopt this look in your daily life. Look that:

1. The long floral skirt is a romantic item

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2. And can be used more casually

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3. There are several styles of this skirt

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4. From the ones with maxi flowers

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5. Even those with more compact prints

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6. Bet on darker tones for sober looks

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7. That give an air of seriousness and elegance

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8. The skirt can be combined with similar pieces

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9. Or with blouses without any print

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10. Having a long skirt is always a great idea!

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Skirt models combine with all types of bodies and can further enhance your looks. So, take advantage of the various cuts and prints that the floral skirt has to make your look well adjusted to the occasion.

20 breathtaking looks with long floral skirt

As already mentioned, the long floral skirt is an item that has become essential for a complete and stripped wardrobe. We separated different looks for you to be inspired and great tips for pieces to combine and rock. Check out!

1. Create stylish looks


2. That make your look lighter and more fluid

Lucia Semeraro

3. Bet on the long floral skirt with the opening on the side

Cris Felix

4. To make the look more sexy and fun


5. Another way to rock is with sneakers

Mon Petit Monde

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6. Making the look very casual

T ania | 40+

7. The long floral skirt is amazing at any time

Senoussaoui Zohor

8. In addition to being for all bodies

Rochelle Johnson

9. Combining grace and elegance

Priyanka | Paint The Town Chic

10. Blouses to wear with this skirt may vary

Pooja Yadav

11. Many prefer to combine with more neutral pieces


12. Creating a contrast between the skirt and the blouse


13. Or betting on similar tones between the pieces


14. The long floral skirt can be of various styles

Camila Abrão

15. From the side slit skirt


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16. Or in the footprint come out three marias


17. Which can look like the midi skirt

Nacera Meziadi

18. You can rock this skirt taking advantage of your style


19. And always giving your special touch


20. The long floral skirt is perfect for your summer!

sargi dhadwal

With these inspirations, you will be able to look amazing at any time, always having a more colorful and alive look at your disposal. If you are still in doubt about how to use this wonderful piece, check out which skirt models suit you the most!

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