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Katherine Bond

By Rebecca Ribeiro

On March 26, 2001

The knit jacket is a sensational way to keep your body warm during low temperatures and also to maintain style. Despite being a piece that has been present in fashion for some time, it has reinvented itself and gained new breathtaking models. Therefore, we have separated 30 inspirations for you to fall in love with this coat and create yours too.

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30 photos of knit coat to keep warm in style

From the most accomplished to the cropped style, the knit jacket manages to be versatile to fit the varied styles of winter. So, see how to put together fantastic looks and go out on cold days rocking.

1. The knit coat has become a fashion item

Kate Hutchins

2. Used for much more than just heating

Chiara Ferragni

3. It is possible to put together amazing looks with this jacket

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4. And for different occasions

Katherine Bond

5. Including a beautiful look to train


6. In addition, monochrome styles are a big trend


7. But if one color is not enough, bet on several

Anna Cardigans

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8. Color can add an extra touch to your style

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9. The knit coat is here to be fashionable


10. Be it with the heaviest aspect

Rachel Martino

11. Or with a more light and cardigan style

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12. You can complement your look with different accessories

Fashion Lifestyle Cook Home

13. Bet also on the combination with different pieces

Noelle Downing

14. A jeans and boot can be upgraded with the knit jacket

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15. So you transform a day-to-day look into something new

Harriet Walker Style

16. In addition to giving a special touch to your style


17. The hooded knit jacket is fantastic

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18. You can bet on several different sizes


19. To bring a multi-layered look


20. Or to give an impression of stretching

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21. Not to mention that the longer elongated knit jackets are a great composition


22. And go very well with more casual styles

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23. Giving a sense of comfort and elegance to the look

Lauren Watson

24. In fact, knitting jacket is synonymous with comfort

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25. Allowing you to stay warm and beautiful in one look

María Turiel Soler

26. Bringing a lot of style to the season

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27. The knit jacket gets you ready for every situation

brit harvey

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28. Just put the bag on your shoulder and get out

Sammie Adams

29. Always have a knit jacket by hand

Lieblingsstil I Fashion Blog

30. And you will be ready to conquer the world!

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Wearing a knit coat has never been so modern, and it is an excellent option for those who do not enjoy very heavy coats. Not to mention that they are great for a mid-season period, just work the layers and go out with lighter clothes on the cooler days.

How to make knitting coat

If you fell in love with the knitting jacket, you should definitely try to make your own. With a few basic steps you can create an incredible piece and perhaps discover a hidden talent. To help you, we have selected some tutorials. Follow:

Knitting jacket for beginners

If you are just starting out in the world of knitting, this tutorial is for you! In a simple and very explanatory way, learn to make a knit cardigan to complete your look.

Easy oversized knitting jacket

Do you want a very warm and super stylish oversized knit tie? This video teaches you all the tips and tricks for making this jacket at home. Also, see how to change the recipe to suit the piece for your size.

Hooded knitting jacket

Hooded jacket is great for winter. How about learning how to make a hooded knit jacket? Check out this tutorial to make your piece right now. With Angora thread and thicker needles, you make a super comfortable and warm coat.

Coat with remnants of yarn

Look what a cool idea to reuse the remnants of yarn. Watch the video to learn how to use the materials you already have at home to make a very colorful and stylish knitting cocoon coat.

Having a knit coat, in addition to being a style, has become a piece that you can make yourself. So being warm and fashionable is also a fun pastime. So, if you want to take advantage of your skills, how about making a knitting scarf? Put on a little film while making a wonderful piece and rock it in the winter.

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