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Ana Lídia Lopes

By Mariana Sanches

On March 22, 2001

Those who are curly know: sometimes it is difficult to innovate in a simple way, but those who like accessories can invest in the latest fashion: the tiara for curly hair! In addition to being versatile, this piece is beautiful and goes well on several occasions, combines with different cuts and can be used by all women!

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30 photos of tiara for curly hair that will make you even more beautiful

How about taking a look at these photos that we separate for you to get inspired? There are 30 ideas of tiara for curly hair incredible and very varied, from models for long hair, to shorter strands. Check and choose your favorite:

1. A simple accessory makes all the difference in the look

Jéssika Alexandreli

2. For those with curly hair

Danielle Dionisio

3. A very beautiful tiara is a great bet


4. In addition to giving that visual value

Ana Lídia Lopes

5. It also leaves the curls super-delicate

Tuany Weiny

6. And it’s a perfect way to make a change


7. You can invest in different models

Ms. Pauline Luddie Brown

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8. That vary widely between colors and fabrics

Tuany Weiny

9. You can also bet on hairstyles

Rahel Brhane

10. Why be it with your hair up

Daianne Possoly

11. Or loose

Michelli Delcaro

12. A tiara goes very well

Mariana Vasconi

13. Do you have that special occasion scheduled?

Fabíola Costa

14. The tip is to throw yourself in a very beautiful hairstyle

Vandressa Ribeiro

15. And opt for a tiara with stones

Rahel Brhane

16. More basic options for everyday life?

Jamys Sousa

17. We have it too!

Fabíola Costa

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18. From very discreet and classic tiaras

Fran Bonn

19. Even models with delicate and very beautiful details

Erika Vasconcelos

20. Shorter hair is not left out

Carina Valentine

21. Because a tiara gives that look up

Alicy. Au pair

22. Making curls even more beautiful and stylish

Nicole Marcondes

23. You can still play with the different colors and patterns

Daiane Fercine

24. And match the outfit of the day

Júlia Lira

25. After all, the tiara is a versatile accessory

Júlia Lira

26. Extremely classic

Ludmila Reis

27. And that pleases the most varied tastes

Steffany Borges

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28. You only need to choose the one you like best

Jessica Melo

29. What if you play


30. Because believe me, you will look beautiful!

Tuany Weiny

Did you like these beautiful ideas? There are so many incredible options that it is difficult to choose just one, isn’t it? When in doubt, have more than one in your closet, so you can vary according to the mood and look of the day!

Where you can buy tiara for curly hair

Were you dying to have a tiara to call your own? No problems! We separated the best sites for you to buy this beautiful and mega modern accessory. Just take a look:

  1. Simple tiara at Lojas Americanas
  2. Tiara with knot, at Renner Store
  3. Velvet tiara, at the Renner Store
  4. Tiara with stones, at Amazon Store
  5. Bridal tiara, at Amazon Store

Did you buy your favorite curly hair tiara? Then take the opportunity to match your clothes or give that up on more special occasions, such as parties and weddings. You will be a hit!

How to do tiara hairstyles for curly hair

You already have your tiara, but you still don’t know how to use it or what hairstyle to do? So, the tip is to check out these videos with really cool ideas for you to make your curls even more charming and beautiful:

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for everyday life

Those who have curly hair know: in the rush of everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to invest in a different and very beautiful hairstyle. For those busier days, the tip is to invest in these incredible and very beautiful ideas with different types of tiara. Check out!

Hairstyles for curly hair with stone tiara

In the princess style, the stone tiara is very versatile, as it can be used at any time! If at work, choose a more basic outfit, if at a more festive event, opt for a hairstyle that enhances the piece and gives that air of glamor.

Hairstyles for short curly hair with tiara

Anyone who thinks that curly short hair is complicated to make beautiful and different hairstyles is wrong. In fact, there is no shortage of options: this video is proof of that! In it, dear Nathalie Barros gives you incredible and mega versatile ideas on how to use beautiful tiaras and give a look up.

Hairstyles with tiara for hair after big shop

If you are in the post-big shop phase, then this video is for you! With very cool ideas, he presents a very beautiful hairstyle with a tiara that is pure beauty. The secret to making everything okay up there and paradinho? Invest in the crampons.

Hairstyles with knot tiara for curly hair

Linda, the knot tiara is that kind of piece that conquers different women with different yummy and style. And if you have already been hooked by this superfofinho accessory, then the suggestion is to check out this complete video by Ana Lídia Lopes. Believe me, you will love all the tips!

Basic hairstyle with tiara for curly hair

No matter your type of curl or length of your hair, this hairstyle will look perfect on you! Very easy and versatile, it can be done in a matter of minutes, that is, it is great for those busy days of bad hair. Check it out and test it at your house to see how it looks.

Party hairstyle with tiara for curly hair

Do you have that special occasion and have no way to style your hair in the salon? Do not worry! This video teaches you the right step by step on how to make your curls beautiful and with that of a professional in a very simple way and without many secrets.

Want to check out more practical tips for your curled wires? So be sure to check out these easy hairstyle ideas for curly hair!

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