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Maju Silva

The multiform dress is one that has two long straps and, therefore, allows several ways to tie. In addition to being versatile, it has the advantage of cost-benefit, since it can be used many times and generally has a good price. It is ideal for festive occasions and looks great as a bridesmaid dress. See inspirations:

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30 looks with multiform dress to be inspired by the versatility of this piece

This dress is special precisely because it allows creativity from the different possible ties. In addition, it values ​​each body individually. So check out inspirations on how to use yours:

1. With a single dress, you can conquer diverse productions

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2. Just be creative and create different moorings

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3. It is a comfortable option for pregnant women

Paulinha Siano

4. It is ideal for parties and formal occasions

Maju Silva

5. But there are also options for everyday life

Made By Robi

6. Comfort is an advantage of this model


7. This dress allows you to create beautiful cutouts on the back

Barbara Cynthia Biró

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8. And use the neckline as you wish

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9. How about investing in blue serenity?

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10. Rose is also a good option, if you are in doubt

Michelli Alves

11. See how the same dress looks completely different according to the tie

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12. Start by trying simpler lashings

Mayara Benatti

13. And notice how he values ​​his body individually

Jessica Anna

14. Take a few turns, tie back and you're done

Mara Lacatus

15. With a little more skill, you can also braid the two handles

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16. Or tie around the neck, forming a single front

Erica Tatiane

17. The choker neckline is also a good option

FG Diaries

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18. How about trying this one-shoulder strap?

Rafaela Costa

19. This is a good option for tying one shoulder just to the back of the dress

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20. And so, it is ideal to show your back well

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21. The multiform dress is perfect for hot days

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22. It is also possible to make a shawl tie

Elayne Asingua

23. Making the straps thicker is a nice possibility

Michelli Alves

24. If you want to escape from plain dresses, invest in a print

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25. The multiform dress always brings a unique touch to your look

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26. Invest in a mooring that makes you feel powerful

Abeni Moreno

27. Choose the color that suits you best

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28. And experience all the versatility of this model

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29. You will certainly wear the dress on more than one occasion

Precious Angellyn Sanchez

30. So, how about having a multiform dress to call your own?

Thaise Anutto

These are just a few suggestions. Remember that this dress allows you to create different looks, so rock your creativity!

How to make and tie your multiform dress

After getting inspired, also learn how to make a multiform dress and see interesting suggestions on how to tie.

Nine mooring possibilities with the multiform dress

In the video, nine practical ways to tie the dress are presented. In addition, it also presents tips for creating models in addition to those taught.

More mooring options for the infinity dress

This video shows possibilities in addition to the tutorial above. Highlight for the ways to transform the long dress in midi and also for the ties with 3/4 sleeves.

How to make a dress with a skirt

Besides being practical to use, the dress is also very easy to make for those who already sew. The result is a very fluid fit due to the godê skirt.

Multiform dress with straight skirt

This dress is made with mesh, to ensure the elasticity of the dress. The tip to not miss the sewing, especially if you are a beginner, is to pin before sewing.

It is not for nothing that the multiform dress is also known as infinity dress, as it provides many ways to use. If you want to check out other dress options, see also long lace dress models and get inspired!

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