28 looks + tutorials to make yours


Victoria Rocha

The tie top in the front is the one that has two points to make a knot. It is certainly a success, because the detail makes the look less basic without much effort. So, check out incredible looks inspirations with the piece and learn how to make or customize your own knotted blouse in the front. Come with us!

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28 photos of blouse to tie in front so you can rock without mistakes

We separated wonderful looks with a tie top to inspire you and help you understand how to use this piece. Take a look:

1. The blouse can have several styles, from the most basic

Niina Secrets

2. Even the most different, to use without fear

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3. And why not a cropped one?

Camila Coelho

4. The mooring gives a special charm to the look

Ju Romano

5. In that case, she steals the show

Camila Nunes

6. You can combine the blouse with jeans for a casual look

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7. The denim skirt is accurate

Maju Silva

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8. This longest blouse on the back is all good!

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9. Colors may vary according to your taste

Lu Ferreira

10. You can bet on white

Gabriela Sales

11. Or how about a warmer tone?

Thais Carla

12. There are ideal options for the job

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13. And those worthy of events

Camila Coelho

14. The important thing is that you feel comfortable


15. Look how the detail makes all the difference in the look

Oriane Adjibi

16. Bet on black and have a super versatile piece

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17. But it is also worth investing in a joint, right?

Carla m Ortiz

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18. This tie-up blouse is pure charm

Giovanna Ferrarezi

19. And what about this one with puffed mango? Wow!!

Thássia Naves

20. Chess does not go out of style

Ana Clara

21. And earth tones are wildcards

Aimee Song

22. Some shirts have a tie

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23. It is superfashion, isn't it?

Victoria Rocha

24. Bet on the tie top

Paola Antonini

25. And show your strength!

Dirce Ferreira

26. If you prefer, choose a print

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27. Like the tie-dye, which is booming

Gabriela Sales

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28. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful!

Carla m Ortiz

Did you see how stylish and versatile the piece is? So, you can't miss this trend: the tie-up blouse will be your darling!

How to make a tie top

Now that you know how to use this breathless blouse, it's time to get to know these tutorials and learn how to make yours. So, take the scissors and get ready!

Customizing front tie blouse

Do you know that little shirt you don't wear anymore? Get and play this tutorial. We are sure that you will use it again!

Two blouse customization options

In this video, you will find two ways to customize your clothes. It is super easy and will leave your pieces modern and stylish. Check out!

How to make a tie top

You need a T-shirt as a template to sew a blouse to tie on the brand-new front. This option requires a little more effort and sewing, but nothing much. Take a look!

Cropped with men's t-shirt

If you want a new cropped, you need to check out this video. Believe me: a men's t-shirt can become a perfect cropped. So, check it out and make yours!

Cropped tie at the front

Here, you also learn how to crop, but using a T-shirt as a template, so you will need fabric and sewing techniques. The end result is an impeccable tie cropped, worth a try!

What are you waiting for to get your top tie up? Choose the style you want and play! For a complete and stylish look, check out these looks with torn pants and rock!

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