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Juliana Brandão

By Rebecca Ribeiro

On 03.04.21

A trend that has been growing in the fashion world is to take a simple piece and transform it into a complete look, thus resulting in the success of the scarf dress. This item bets on a model that resembles a scarf, giving an aspect of lightness. Know more about the piece and get inspired to adopt it in your wardrobe for the next summers!

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8 photos of scarf dress for you to fall in love now

With a summer face, the scarf dress can adapt to different bodies and styles. Thus, it is versatile and excellent for hot days, because, in general, its modeling is very comfortable. Check out options of this piece to buy that will take your breath away:

1. The scarf dress is a piece that brings lightness

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2. Being great for more casual occasions

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3. In addition to being a way to feel comfortable

Buy at the Farm

4. In fact, comfort and elegance go together with this piece

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5. You can match the dress with sneakers and jacket

Buy at Marisa

6. Or bet on accessories to look for another style

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7. If you want a look for more formal events

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8. You can also count on the scarf dress for this

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This dress is perfect for everyday life and, at the same time, excellent for more formal occasions. Therefore, betting on this piece to compose your style is a great idea, if you like to be beautiful and comfortable.

20 photos of looks with scarf dress to inspire you completely

Although very simple, the scarf dress is extremely stylish and can give elegance with just a touch. Because of this, we have separated for you beautiful evidence of how this piece can add a lot to your wardrobe. Look that:

1. Bet on the scarf dress to start the season well

Thássia Naves

2. After all, it evokes summer well


3. So if you need to be comfortable

Juliana Brandão

4. Count on this dress style for that

Mia Zamora

5. Furthermore, this dress model is versatile

Luciana Tranchesi

6. And it matches with different situations


7. You can wear the scarf dress on more formal occasions

Nicole Lange

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8. Betting on it for a more sober but stylish look

Tara | NJ Blogger

9. Also for that chic causal moment


10. There are several models for you to check out


11. The one-shoulder scarf dress only looks powerful

Luisa Accorsi

12. Combined with a cheerful print, it brings a touch of youthfulness

Rachel / Style Travel Beauty

13. Speaking of prints, you can be ultra-creative


14. Using more sober and centered styles

Daisy Van Egmond

15. Or running away from the box a little

Nina Shyne Alviar

16. In addition, accessories are welcome

Rachel Ward

17. Because they enhance the looks

Ellena Gemini

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18. Wear the scarf dress to suit your style

Gloria Glowria

19. Counting on him to give you comfort and elegance

Sarah Schulz

20. Wherever you go


These are just a few of the many ways you can use the scarf dress in your day to day. Being a piece that combines simplicity and elegance, you may never want to leave the house wearing anything else!

How to Make Scarf Dress

The simplicity of the scarf dress makes it easy to reproduce at home and gives you the freedom to use your imagination. Thinking about it, we separated 4 tutorials with the complete step by step for you to create your own piece in the style you want. Follow:

See how to make the scarf dress with simple stitching

Have a stylish dress for different occasions. Here, Vivi Alves shows you step by step how you can create a simple scarf dress with asymmetrical details.

Start the season by making this amazing dress

With two rectangles, you can be fashionable and have an indispensable piece. As? The Mundo da Gle channel put together a simple tutorial to show you how to make this wonderful scarf dress.

Make a beautiful dress without mold

If you are taking the first steps in sewing or want to see if you have the skills to do so, start by creating a simple piece that does not require any mold. So, check with Suzana Silva for all the details to start the work.

Just wear a scarf to look amazing

What would the scarf dress be if you couldn’t make one with a scarf yourself? Check out this quick tutorial to create a beautiful piece with just a few turns on the body.

The scarf dress renews anyone’s style, being a way to get out of the routine and bring versatility. So, having the piece in the wardrobe is very good, especially on hot days when we need to be well groomed, but we want comfort. If that style won you over, bet also on the scarf for hair and rock!

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