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By Rebecca Ribeiro


The accessories are the best friends of an incredible look and the mix of necklaces is an essential set for those who want to stand out. As the name says, it is the union of several necklaces, and the pieces may be similar or not. So for you to understand better, we have separated some photos that will fill you with incredible ideas for wearing your necklaces.

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8 mix of necklaces to call your own and lavish beauty

Whether with silver chains, gold pendants or a mix of colors, the mix of necklaces manages to provide a sensational aesthetic for your look. So, see some combinations you can have and call yours.

1. With simple pieces you can have an optimal mix

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2. Delicate necklaces bring a charm to the party

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3. But you can invest in more eye-catching pieces

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4. Combine different chain sizes

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5. This gives the accessory a special effect

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6. And the layers look beautiful in any style

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7. Use creativity to use jewelry

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8. But know that simplicity also has its beauty

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The fashion was made for everyone to express themselves and through the mix of necklaces you can show a little of your personality anywhere. So, don’t be afraid to create your own combinations, because there is no right and wrong here, just what suits you best and the message you want to get across.

20 photos of mix of necklaces to vary in compositions and styles

The more necklaces the more fun the combination is, so take all your pieces out of the drawer and start to imagine the incredible possibilities you have when composing a look. So, check out some photos that, for sure, will help you to have ideas when assembling the mix of necklaces for every occasion and style.

1. The mix of necklaces is a way to highlight your look


2. Being a powerful addition to your style


3. Match the colors of the necklace with your clothes

Giovanna Ewbank

4. Or with other accessories like rings and bracelets

Thássia Naves

5. Your mix of necklaces can be the most varied

Lala Trussardi Rudge

6. Betting on chockers to complement


7. Different styles of chains and necklaces

Silvia Bussade Braz

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8. Decorating with the loves of your life

Chiara Ferragni ✨

9. Letting your personality show

Rachel Iwanyszyn

10. The mix of gold necklaces is a grace in the look

Adut Akech Bior

11. Because it creates an incredible contrast in black clothes

Charlotte Zoller •

12. Bringing a sober and social air

Negin Mirsalehi

13. Even casual looks can count on this accessory

Nati Vozza

14. So your look will be complete and in fashion


15. That is, the mix of necklaces is versatile

Cahleigh🔮 | Vegan🌱 | Brooklyn✌🏻️

16. And it matches every moment


17. No matter the composition of the necklaces


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18. What matters is to express who you are

Noelle Downing ✨

19. So make several mixes


20. And rock with your mix of necklaces everywhere

Melissa Amaral

The accessories were created to complement your style, in addition to being another way of expressing yourself and making your way of dressing more dynamic. Therefore, take advantage of the mix of necklaces to give harmony or highlight something in your look. Don’t be shy when choosing the combinations, abuse the colors and let your imagination flow.

How to mix necklaces

Making compositions with several necklaces is natural for some, while for others it can be more complicated to create these arrangements. So, to help you, we have separated three basic videos that teach how to mix necklaces in a simple and practical way. So, get ready to create your repertoire.

No more mystery in accessories

If you are unsure how to create the sets and do not know how to combine, then you need to check out this video With quick and practical tips Juliana Costa shows you how to make necklaces stand out, but with simplicity when choosing pieces.

Rock with a lot of silver and a lot of gold

Learn how to use silver and gold chains together without losing your style, in addition to taking a class on the trends of the moment. So, enjoy every minute and fully absorb the tips that Polliana Avelar is giving on her channel.

Stunning skirt with 4 basic tips

Find out which clothes each mix of necklaces best matches, what values ​​your style or not, all in a video full of sensational tips. So, check out the video prepared by Gisa Melo for you to create a style as good as the famous ones.

To have a mix of necklaces you don’t need anything very elaborate or extravagant pieces, everything is summed up in the set you want to create. That way, in a few steps your look becomes even more stylish with the use of this accessory. Finally, take the opportunity to get to know another trend, the bead necklace, which has become a favorite of bloggers every day.

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