25 tie-dye bikini inspirations that will win your heart


Julia Tricarico

On the pages of fashion magazines, on Instagram photos, on the body of influencers all over the world: the tie-dye bikini is the must have of the moment. Check out 25 models of this cool bikini, as well as tutorials that explain exactly how you can make yours at home.

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25 tie-dye bikini photos that are a hit

After looking at these images, we are sure: you will also feel like having a bikini full of color, style and personality.

1. Tie-dye is the trend of the moment

Ana Julia Ferreira

2. Bringing color and joy

Mariana Paiva

3. And of course I wouldn’t be out of swimwear

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4. Do you already have a tie-dye bikini to call yours?

Thaís Dantas

5. Beautiful options abound

Alexis Belbel

6. And with different color options

Samantha Belbel

7. Of the most discreet versions

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8. Even those with very vibrant colors

Sarah Borges

9. How about a neon version?

Catarina Marcato

10. All the charm of the pink tie-dye bikini

Enara Bertozi

11. It could be a strapless bikini that falls

Gabi Roma

12. The charming hang-glider bikini

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13. The comfortable hot pant model

Laylyne Lopes

14. Or the classic curtain

Larissa Lima

15. It is worth using the complete set

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16. With panties and top in the same print

Anna Bea

17. Or bet on the tie-dye on just one of the pieces

Isis Valverde

18. You decide!

Larissa Lima

19. There are several different bikini options

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20. But everyone has something in common

Karoliny Oliveira

21. Are worked on the trend of the moment

Fernanda Store

22. And they will make your beach or pool look even more beautiful

Julia Nobre

23. Have you chosen your favorite tie-dye bikini?

Izadora Oliveira

24. Now just wait for the sun

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25. And make it beautiful

Jessica Lorena Marinho

The ideal is to choose a bikini in which you feel good – and take advantage of the trend in your favor, of course.

How to make a tie-dye bikini

Haven’t you found a bikini exactly the way you are looking or don’t you have the budget to invest in new pieces? It’s all right! In the videos below, you learn how to make a tie-dye bikini at home.

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Customizing spotted bikini

Using dye for fabrics you can give a totally new face to that bikini that is saved and with spots. Check it step by step!

Tie-dye bikini step by step

The world is small for those who have a white bikini and some dyes at their disposal. In the video above, Mariely Del Rey shows a beautiful customization!

How to dye your bikini

How about dyeing just one piece of your bikini? This is a great option for those who prefer being a little more basic, but without going out of style. In this video, you learn how to make a beautiful tie-dye.

Did you enjoy these suggestions and tutorials? Looking for more summer ideas? So, get inspired with these 20 leopard bikini models.

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