2021 wedding dresses: 4 inclusive trends


Wedding dresses 2021: 4 inclusive trends Wedding dresses 2021: the best models Women who want to wear a wedding dress very often they are faced with the difficulty of choosing between models of clothes designed exclusively for statuesque and excessively thin bodies. Giving every future bride the opportunity to find the perfect dress according to her size and physical needs is one of the missions of the wedding fashion sector.

Lately, in fact, we hear more and more often about inclusiveness and, especially in the field of fashion, turning signals are beginning to appear. For example, many Italian designers have created dresses beyond the classic size 42, showing them on the catwalk models whose physique does not conform to the canons wearing clothing size 50, in the sign that beauty must not be tied to the centimeters of the bust, waist and hips.

Thus, the 2021 wedding dresses seem to satisfy every need.

2021 wedding dresses: 4 inclusive trends

Lately, even in the wedding sector there is a particular need to take into account the needs of each bride. Every woman has the right to feel impeccable on her wedding day and for this reason stylists and designers from all over the world have launched a series of inclusive trends that take into account every physicality and need in terms of style.

From collections for curvy women, to anti-conventional and colorful dresses, passing through those affordable for everyone in terms of price, here is a roundup of trends related to 2021 wedding dresses.

1. Curvy wedding dresses

wedding dresses 2021Pronovias Bridal Collectiom. Source: Pronovias.com

Among the first inclusive trends launched by the wedding sector, that of curvy wedding dresses it represents a first step to include women of all physicality. There are many bridal brands that have included curvy lines in their collections.

The Spanish fashion house Pronovias presented, through the collaboration with the champion model of body positivity Ashley Graham, a collection dedicated to curvy women that puts the style and fit needs of each body first. Not only slippery and ultra easy dresses but also wedding dresses adorned with lace, embroidery and rhinestones are finally available for all brides who want to be the most beautiful on their wedding day.

2. Wedding dresses for women with disabilities

wedding dresses 2021Wedding dress for women with disabilities. Source: Whitecollection.com

The wedding sector is also starting to take into account brides with special physical needs and with any body morphology. A first sign of change comes in 2017, when the designer Camille Boillet creates a fashion line entirely dedicated to women with disabilities with the aim of making them feel beautiful and elegant on their wedding day. Aesthetics and comfort come together to create wedding dresses compatible with a wheelchair and that do not give up on tulle, silks, sequins and precious decorations.

A type of dresses designed to facilitate the movements of each bride accompanied by elastics, pockets and velcro openings designed to meet the needs of future brides. Not only on the catwalk but also in the windows of the stores, wedding dresses designed for women with disabilities begin to appear and who can finally buy the dress of their dreams. Like the one on display in the “White Collection” shop in Portshead, near Bristol, where among the various wedding dresses worn on mannequins you can also choose the one worn by a woman in a wheelchair.

3. Colorful wedding dresses

wedding dress 2021Atelier Emè colored dress. Source: Ateliereme.com

For brides who wish to dare on their wedding day, the colorful clothes which represent one of the inclusive trends of recent times that takes into account everyone’s style needs. From the black dress with a rock and gritty allure adorned with tulle flounces to the rainbow-colored one with soft nuances proposed by the brand Atelier Emè.

For lovers of colorful and bright patterns, however, it is also possible to choose wedding dresses with floral patterns for future wives who want to break the mold with the classic total white wedding dresses.

4. Cheap wedding dresses

wedding dresses 2021Kiabi wedding dress. Source: Kiabi.it

For future brides who are preparing to choose the dress of their dreams but who have a limited budget, the advice is not to give up. In recent years, the brands of cheap wedding dresses that sell elegant and chic wedding dresses at low prices. E-commerce Kiabi, for example, it offers a boho chic style dress model that can be purchased online and affordable for all budgets.

Wedding dresses 2021: the best models

Mermaid-style, with halter neckline or with a full and fluffy skirt. There are many models of wedding dresses 2021 to choose to feel like in a fairytale on one of the most important days of life.

2021 wedding dresses: 4 inclusive trends, because there is not just one type of bride


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