2016 vs 2021 the challenge on TikTok, here’s how the make-up has changed


Trends dictate makeup styles and colors for every season, but have you ever stopped to think about how makeup has changed over the past five years? We do and it’s all thanks to TikTok

Fashion changes, style remains Coco Chanel said, but the make-up? That too is transforms, evolves and changes colors and textures according to seasonal trends, but not only.

In the last period on TikTok, one of the hottest virtual spaces of the moment regarding the world of make-up, this reflection has turned into a real trend thanks to the hashtag # 2016vs2021, which contains thousands of videos that have reached beyond i 140 million views.

The foundation

If there is one thing that most of the videos have in common, it is the change of approach to the base and the foundation. Just take a short trip back in time to see how in 2016 the bases were mainly full coverage with matte finishes and, more often than not, sprinkled with loose powder to fix them.

Today, however, the face base is light, luminous, less dusty and often the foundation is not even taken into consideration, thanks also to a more cared for and attentive skin thanks to the evolution of skincare.

The corrector

Corrector, enemy / friend of each one. If you find the right coloring, especially for the eye area, it was an adventure even the application is not a joke.

Also in this case, from 2016 to 2021 the theory of ‘less is more’ was applied: less color and, above all, less luminous. If five years ago the password was a lot and fixed thanks to baking, today we are aiming for one natural and lifting effect applying it in the most critical points: inner eye and outer corner, directing everything upwards. Seeing is believing.


First we mistreated and fooled them without restraint (impossible to deny), then we discovered the world of bold brows: full-bodied, defined and well designed just as they were in 2016. And today? Today the eyebrows are a hymn to naturalness, cared for and disciplined thanks to gels and soaps that always keep them in order, but in a wild way.

Lip make-up

Opaque, that’s what was the watchword of 2016 and, in addition to the face, even the lips could not escape this trend: lip colors with a matte finish and that absolutely needed an oily or butter-based make-up remover. Today, even in this case, the lipstick becomes lighter and is always combined with a lip pencil to define and, in addition, a bright gloss or a bright-finish lipstick. The perfect way to add volume to the lips without resorting to color games.

Eye make-up

THE scenic tricks they are a real attraction for make-up enthusiasts and, in 2016, they were sported every day. No matter how long it took to make them, the important thing was to be colored, defined and always with a perfect cut crease. Also in this case the eye make-up becomes lighter, with a nuance that points to lengthen the eye and lift it together with lashes, false and not, with a more effect natural and perfect for opening your eyes.

The bronzer

Contouring cannot and must not be missing in a well-studied make-up, but the difference between an exaggerated and a targeted application can change the rules of the game. Today, in fact, the contour it is more discreet and the earths used have lighter less orange colors and are applied with fluffy brushes that leave a light and barely hinted finish. The perfect way to define the shadow areas without creating an excessively fake effect.

What about the future? Who knows how the makeup will change again. We can’t wait to find out.

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