20 templates and tips on how to use the accessory


Sthe Matos

The chain necklace is a trend that is coming to stay. This accessory has gained prominence in several styles and occasions. Learn how to use the necklace with our inspirations and know where to find this accessory full of personality!

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5 chain necklaces for you to buy now

First of all, how about visiting stores where you can find different models of chain necklace? We have selected accessories that will give your look a lift. Check it out:

1. The first option is a thick chain necklace, more striking

Buy at Liila

2. Here, another necklace model full of personality

Buy at Piuka

3. The thin chain necklace is also a great option

Buy Piuka

4. Another possibility for a thinner but long chain

Buy at Dama SemiJoias

5. And you can also bet on a necklace with a different clasp

Buy at De Luxo

With these product tips, it’s easier to find the perfect necklace for you, isn’t it? There are several models, sizes and styles: one of them will suit you!

15 photos of chain necklace for you to rock

Now that you know where to find the trendy necklace, it’s time to get inspired with the accessory’s photo selection. It has a model for every taste!

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1. To start the list, a necklace mix inspiration

Flavia Pavanelli

2. One of the trends is to bet on the chain with a padlock


3. The necklace is very stylish and reminiscent of the 90s

Edith Gomes

4. You can bet on a necklace with colored chains

Josy Ramos

5. The golden chain is great for more powerful looks

Fernanda Nogueira

6. For a striking look, bet on a large chain necklace

Magá Moura

7. A good idea is to bet on larger pendants

Nina Gabriella

8. The silver chain necklace is one of the most popular

Izanara Feijó

9. Another beautiful choice is the heart chain

Carol Mamprin

10. And the key and padlock pendant is a very original option

Laura Brito

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11. How about using the initial of your name?

Sthe Matos

12. There are several options for chain necklaces

Izanara Feijó

13. There are those who prefer stronger models, full of personality

Virginia Fonseca

14. And who chooses a very stylish mix

Bia Gremion

15. What matters is to choose a necklace that is your face!

Mayara Russi

So, did you like the trend? The chain necklace is here to stay and brings a lot of personality to the look. Just like the bead necklace, another trend that promises to pump. We agree that the accessory deserves more space, doesn’t it?

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