20 photos to learn how to use this piece without making mistakes


Grasie Mercedes

Boot cut pants, as the name suggests, are ideal for wearing with boots. Your opening was created with that in mind! Very versatile, it is a piece that guarantees somewhat stylish looks and is very similar to the flare, but without all that extravagance in its opening. Find out all about it here!

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Boot cut pants X flare pants: what’s the difference?

As similar as they are, there is a very subtle difference between flare pants and boot cut pants. The flare has a more ’70s feel and its opening begins just before the knees. Its mouth towards the bar is much more open than the boot cut which, in turn, has its opening starting below the knees and its opening towards the bar is not so big. So it’s perfect for wearing with boots!

20 photos of boot cut pants to compose amazing looks

Are you anxious to know about the multitude of looks that you can compose with boot cut pants? Check, then, 20 images of how to use this piece and rock a lot!

1. Create sophisticated looks with boot cut pants and pointy heels

Annabelle Fleur

2. And to live up to the model name, wear it with boots. It looks beautiful!

Jill Walace

3. Boot cut pants are great for creating winter looks

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4. And if you like stylish overlays, combine them with it!

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5. In addition to boots, everyday shoes create comfortable looks

Paula Serman

6. And for that casual chic occasion: look with similarly colored pieces

Danielle Bernstein

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7. Collar blouses also make great looks for casual occasions

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8. Torn boot cut pants? Create a rocker look with a leather jacket!

Michele Vivas

9. For unstable weather, add sweatshirts to the look

Chiara Ferragni

10. And if you like to mix tones, go for it!


11. For daily tasks, very basic in beige and white

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12. Puffed sleeves add volume to the fairest look of this piece

Renata Uchôa

13. And do you like a two-color look? Look this!

Natasha Ndlovu

14. The all black look goes well for important meetings


15. For happy hour days with friends: leather jackets + boot cut = a lot of style.

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16. Wide-sleeved blouses for a stripped-down combination with the boot cut

Thao Nhi Le

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17. With the right pieces, the boot cut can yield a very fashion look

Aimee Song

18. The cirrê boot cut makes the look more stylish and sophisticated

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19. Strong tones create attractive looks for boot cut jeans

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20. Do you prefer the little black dress? We understand you, it’s luxurious!

Bruna Lily

Did you like the great possibilities that boot cut pants have to create combinations with the pieces of your closet? She is beautiful, has several models and is very comfortable! But if you’re looking for other inspirations like black flare pants, go for it! They are also super beautiful and stylish.

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