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If you are a fan of sun, sand and sea, you need to know these beautiful shirt models. They will make you very comfortable and with a sophisticated touch in this very casual moment. Check out different types and ways to use.

8 types of beach shirt to buy and discover

This wild piece must be present in your beach bag. And to find out which style best suits you, check out the options below and guarantee your favorite.

1. The beach shirt is beautiful and very useful

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2. It can be very colorful and cheerful

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3. But a neutral piece is very versatile

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4. The black and white chemise is synonymous with elegance

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5. If you prefer something more youthful, bet on the lace

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6. You can choose a more discreet model

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7. Or innovate with a beautiful print

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8. Either way it will make you even prettier

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It’s so beautiful, it makes you want to buy one of each, doesn’t it? And if you’re already in love with this piece, you’ll be even more excited to check out some more wonderful models. Don’t miss it!

12 photos of a beach shirt that show how versatile they are

The models of this beautiful shirt can be very varied. You can choose between different types of fabric, colors, prints, lengths and much more. Take a look and fall in love even more:

1. You can’t deny that the beach shirt is a luxury

Barbara Brunca

2. It looks chic in a long length

Mari Saad

3. And very casual with the shortest length


4. It’s a piece that doesn’t go unnoticed

Marina Pumar

5. And that adapts to different styles

Raíra Buonamici

6. The more colorful it matches the environment

Marcela Fetter

7. You can tie in different ways

Flavia Pavanelli

8. And create looks with the canga

jade seba

9. Surprise using the same bikini print

Regianne Ahadi

10. You can adapt to a shorter length

Gabriella Lenzi

11. Or leave it loose and comfortable

Mariana Sampaio

12. Open or closed, it will enhance your look even more

Raissa Galvão

With this amazing shirt, your routine at the beach will be easier and more practical. And to make the best use of the pieces you already have, check out these different ways to tie a bikini.

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