20 options for how to use the trend


Camila Nunes

Nothing like enjoying the summer by rocking the trends, right? And one of them is the animal print bikini, which are pieces with animal prints. To learn how to use it and be successful in beachwear, read on and check out inspirations and outfits that can be yours.

8 animal print bikini models to call your own

The following product options have styles to suit all tastes. Check it out and choose your favorite!

1. The leopard bikini is a classic

Buy at Amaro

2. And you can invest in different models

Buy at C&A

3. What do you think of this option? Pure charm!

Buy at Renner

4. It’s even worth choosing the colorful snake print

Shop at Posthaus

5. Mixing prints is also a strong trend

Buy on the Farm

6. And of course the zebra print wouldn’t be left out, right?

Shop at Dafiti

7. The animal print bikini is beautiful

Buy on hope

8. Regardless of the model, the choice is right!

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From the simplest to the most daring, your animal print bikini should make your style! Just choose yours and rock!

20 photos of animal print bikini for scratching on the beach or in the pool

Follow the sequence of looks below to find out how to wear the animal print bikini and rock even more:

1. Nothing more fair than starting with the famous curtain, right?

Paola Antonini

2. Here, the details in red make a difference

Raissa Galvão

3. This is a more sober proposal.

Francis Lola

4. The animal print kitty bikini is a darling of the moment

Gabriela Sales

5. Just like the zebra print

Nadine Alyana E.

6. As you can see, anything goes!

Oriane Adjibi

7. Make a mix of prints

Julia Rodrigues

8. Use creativity to vary in tones


9. And in modeling modeling

Giovanna Ferrarezi

10. Be sure to vary the animal print


11. Link trends with the hang glider model

Pink mouth

12. And what about this animal print thong bikini?

ale meadow

13. If you prefer, your piece can have a bulge

Black Gil

14. Like in this white bikini

Gabriela Sales

15. Hot pant panties add style and comfort

Thassia Ships

16. But you should use the model you are most comfortable with

carla m ortiz

17. Who said that place in a bikini is only on the beach and pool?

Broke Emerson

18. Play with the different ways to tie a bikini to innovate


19. Choose the combinations

Gabriela Sales

20. And enjoy your body a lot in the animal print bikini!

Dora Figueiredo

So, ready to rock this animal tendency? To enjoy the summer even more, enjoy and check out these tips for a natural tanning.

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