20 options and how to get the look right


Bruna Vieira

The different models of shorts are true wild cards in our closets, as they match a lot and work for various occasions. Thinking about it, we list the main types of shorts and tips to rock with each one. Just look:

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1. High waisted shorts

Camila Nunes

Let’s start with this timeless success! The high-waisted model goes well with a lot of things: T-shirts, dress shirts, croppeds, sneakers, sandals, boots … Let your creativity go! It is still ideal for different events, depending on the combinations.

2. Short jeans

Carla m Ortiz

A classic, right? Short jeans are one of the most used because of their versatility. It’s worth wearing in casual looks and even putting on a blazer and heels for a more formal footprint. It’s all good!

3. Short of social fabric

Charlotte Kuhrt

This is an option most used in the corporate environment, but it has been successful outside the office as well. This is because combining with more stripped pieces, such as a shirt and sneakers, it is super cool for a more informal walk. Try it and check it out!

4. Short clochard

Victoria Rocha

Clochard shorts usually have a belt and a leftover fabric on top of the garment, so they already have a special charm. This makes it shine without much effort. It is the practicality that was lacking in his days! In addition, it suits everything!

5. Short envelope

Ju Romano

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Do you want comfort? So, go for a short envelope! It has layers of fabric, giving more volume and grace to the piece. It is usually more informal, but it all depends on the fabric and the combinations you make. Unleash your creativity and make it a wildcard!

6. Short godê

Thássia Naves

This trend came with everything! The model is looser on the bar, giving volume and style to the look. This is a type of shorts that works with many things, you are the one who gives the style!

7. Bermuda

Karol Miranda

Bermuda: love it or hate it! She is super stylish and a good one for those who want to work in shorts, but without showing much of their leggings. But of course it is also ideal for events and relaxed walks. It is a charm that only!

8. Short skirt

Giovanna Ferrarezi

This one you already know, right? The short skirt has the differential of comfort and style! Depending on the fabric and model, it suits a lot. It is a good one for those looking for a different piece, but still versatile.

9. Biker shorts

Camila Coelho

Yes, you read that right! This is that cyclist shorts, but used for tours and events. Worth wearing with cropped, t-shirt and even blazer! This one also works well for work, what do you think? Want a fashionista shorts? It’s the biker shorts!

10. Sports shorts

Bruna Vieira

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If you value style even at the time of physical activities, you need a good sports shorts. There are loose models like the one in the photo and the tighter ones, similar to biker shorts. Vary in colors, models and compose a bafonic training look. It gives that extra encouragement, don’t you think?

11. Short boyfriend

Carla m Ortiz

One of the most comfortable shorts models is the boyfriend! It is loose and stylish and refers to the boy’s wardrobe! After all, oversized pieces have taken over the fashion world! It is versatile and goes well with everything you already have out there!

12. Short mom

LArissa Cunegundes

Another darling of the moment, the short mom has a straighter modeling and is usually high waisted, as well as wider on the body. It is synonymous with versatility, because it makes you wonderful in any occasion and in any look.

13. Short hot pant

camila Coutinho

And let’s go with a vintage model! The hot pant is characterized by being short and with a wide waistband. You can combine it with any blouse and it is perfect for more casual looks. For that, use a sneaker or sandal, like a birken, how about that?

14. Short boxer

Julia Rodrigues

This is an old model. Its main feature is to be loose and usually has an elastic waistband. What will dictate your style is the fabric: jeans, leather, sweatshirt … Choose your favorite and make a breathtaking composition!

15. Crochet shorts

Jade Picon

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Who loves crafts, knows the power of crochet pieces! It is worth combining it with a set as in the photo, but you can vary and join your shorts with a T-shirt, how about that? Thus, it gains versatility and can be used in many places.

16. Knitting shorts

Julia Rodrigues

Following the top model line, now it’s time for knitting! It is also a set charm, but even more versatile! On your feet, it’s worth wearing sneakers, boots, sandals and whatever you feel like! At the top, just unleash your creativity!

17. Sweatpants

Camilla de Lucas

A kind of mega comfortable and stylish shorts! The time has passed when sweatpants were only used at home, now it is a hit on the streets too! It works in casual looks, with sneakers and top.

18. Knitted shorts

Thaís Oliveira

Knitted shorts also combine comfort and a stripped footprint, and can be used with t-shirts, blouses and even with a denim jacket, how about that? There are no rules, who dictates the limit of creativity is you!

19. Leather shorts

Camila Coelho

Events, parties, daily life, tours … You can use it on many occasions! With a shirt, for example, it becomes more formal. Already with a T-shirt, the stripped look takes shape. Leather adds a touch of elegance to the look, making everything even more fashion!

20. Short destroyed

Victoria Rocha

This is a way of saying that the shorts are shredded, torn. It is mega stylish and refers to an informal footprint, but remember: it all depends on the composition! The coolest time to put on looks is to take the pieces out of the obvious. Play at will!

So, what is your favorite shorts model? We know that it is difficult to choose because each one has its own charm! To not miss the look, check out these top cropped options!

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