20 looks for you to be daring without losing style


Duda Guimaraes

by Rebecca Ribeiro

On 08.08.21

The cropped blazer has become an essential fashion item for those who want versatility and elegance in their wardrobe. Whether printed, plain or plaid, this piece draws attention for matching different occasions and styles. In addition, it can form the perfect pair when paired with other pieces such as pants and skirts. See below to buy your cropped blazer and also ideas for putting together an ideal look.

8 cropped blazer options to buy and include in the wardrobe

In the fashion world, new pieces appear all the time to enrich the wardrobe and provide new combination possibilities. And with the cropped blazer it would be no different, this piece over the years has been transformed and acquired more modern forms. Check out some parts for you to acquire:

1. The cropped blazer is a classic

Buy at C&A

2. Which is getting more modern every day

Buy at Renner

3. Be the latest cut and style

Buy at Renner

4. Or even with different prints

Buy on the Farm

5. In the cropped blazer you find all the possibilities

Shop at Dafiti

6. Betting on this piece is a guarantee of elegance

Buy at Amaro

7. Without losing the most laid-back style

Buy at C&A

8. Choose your favorite blazer and rock!

Buy at C&A

If you think it’s impossible to have just a cropped blazer, you’re certainly correct! Each model manages to give a new meaning to its style, in addition to matching the environment in which it will be used. So, bet on more neutral tones and no prints for a wildcard piece. So you will be beautiful for any occasion.

20 cropped blazer photos to take social style anywhere

With new trends emerging, it is sometimes difficult to visualize the many ways a piece can be used. Check out different ways to use the cropped blazer in your look:

1. The cropped blazer manages to puff out sighs


2. Because it’s a piece that exudes modernity


3. Be in a different print


4. Or with more striking colors

Duda Guimaraes

5. Can be used in a casual, no-obligation outing

Maria Valdes

6. Or even a really fancy party

Thassia Ships

7. If you are looking for a more serious and sober look

Negin Mirsalehi

8. Bet on neutral and earthy tones

Jenny Suet In Tsang

9. But it is also possible to give color and life to the look

Luisa Accorsi

10. This piece is very versatile

Maria Garcia de Jaime

11. What makes it easier to combine with other pieces

Bruna Kolberg

12. She looks great in jeans

Sophia Culpo

13. Balancing social and laid-back style


14. Perfect for use in less formal meetings


15. Skirts are also a sure choice

Sophie Knight

16. Because they give a delicate touch to the composition


17. And they have a unique charm


18. Regardless of the makeup of the look


19. You will be even more wonderful


20. Because the cropped blazer can be killer!

Ilayda Sherifi

This piece will still surprise everyone due to its versatility when composing a look. Enjoy and also see how cropped Neon can be part of your life.

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