20 ideas and tutorials that will warm your feet


La Crochetera Rockera

Beautiful, warm and comfortable, crochet socks are a great option to complete your stay-at-home look. They can be made with different yarns, colors and stitches. You just need to choose your favorite model and throw yourself in this adorable fashion!

How to crochet a sock

If you are the type of person who loves to make their own pieces, then the tip is to check out this selection of best YouTube tutorials to learn how to sew a wonderful crochet sock. It has from basic models, to versions with high barrels and for babies!

How to crochet a sock for beginners

Never crocheted a sock and don’t know where to start? Smoothly! This video teaches you the right step-by-step how to sew a very basic and hassle-free pattern. You just need to have the right materials on hand, ok?

How to crochet a children’s sock

Children get quite cold in winter! And to warm such tiny feet, the tip is to make a beautiful crochet children’s sock. If you want to make it even more fun, use several lines and make a very colorful piece. It’s a charm!

How to Crochet Baby Socks

Cuteness alert! These socks for babies will make moms in love and the little ones very warm and protected from the cold. They are perfect to give away or even guarantee that extra income by selling the pieces. Are you curious? So watch the full video!

How to make crochet top socks

The coldest days call for extra reinforcement to warm your feet, don’t they? For this, be sure to make a beautiful crochet high-top sock that will leave even the ankle well protected. And the video also has a nice size table, huh!

How to crochet with a short top

But if you prefer short socks, then be sure to check out this video! Easy to make, this model is perfect for wearing at home, with slippers and even looser slippers. Synonymous with comfort, this sock will win many fans and supporters!

How to make crochet socks easy and economical

If you are looking to save money, then this tutorial is for you! Made with accessible and cheap materials, the sock taught in this video doesn’t lose quality, ok? You just need to work out the points and the result is guaranteed success.

Easy, isn’t it? To always have a unique and original sock, the suggestion is to mix the colors a lot, changing the tones and, of course, the stitches. You can still give it to loved ones or do it to sell and guarantee that extra money, huh!

20 crochet sock ideas to keep your feet warm and stylish

Is inspiration missing? Smoothly! We separated the cutest models on the Internet. In the list below, you will find socks for all tastes and styles: even moms will be able to dress babies and children with a charming, comfortable and beyond warm piece. Check out:

1. A nice sock warms your feet and your heart, right?

Elena Manuel

2. And even better if she’s pretty!


3. To combine comfort and style, the tip is crochet socks


4. Because they are varied, versatile and with different models


5. You can invest in versions with tall barrels

La Crochetera Rockera

6. Or short

decor art

7. There’s even crochet socket socks!


8. Pure charm, isn’t it?


9. And babies need to stay warm too


10. Look at this cuteness

Ana Baptist

11. You can match the look of the baby and the mother

Crochet Skein Thread

12. Or make the children happy with colorful models

Carolina Maniglia Studio

13. And super fun

Fabiola spine

14. Fun is also open for adults, ok?

Dri Guedes Craftswoman in crochet

15. With a special sock for the toes


16. Or get snapped up by a mega shark

art crochet

17. The important thing is to be warm

Cotton Slipper – crochet

18. And with that stay-at-home winter look

Naira Regina

19. Which, above all, means comfort

Romina Ulloa Riveros

20. But with a dose of charm and style


With these so beautiful crochet socks you even want to wear them outside the house, right? Keep warming up in style and take a look at these cute crochet jackets!


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