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The wool blouse is one of the darlings for winter looks, because it is comfortable, warm and exudes style. Learn how to use this beautiful piece on the most diverse occasions and check out incredible tips on how to take good care of it so that it lasts for a long time.

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20 wool blouse photos perfect for putting together a warm look

More than a piece to warm up on cold days, the wool blouse is also synonymous with charm and elegance. Check out the following inspirations to put together stunning looks with this piece:

1. If you are looking for a piece to warm you up


2. But also make your look amazing

Reshma – Hello Lavender

3. The wool blouse is the right option!

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4. It is usually made with knitting

Victoria Rocha

5. Being able to have lines of only one color

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6. Or several different colors combined

Reshma – Hello Lavender

7. It can be used with long skirts

Nelly Huber

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8. Shorts

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9. And also with classic jeans

Justyna ☆

10. Usually these parts are used in the cold

Emily Mabel Scholes Williaume

11. Because its material guarantees a very warm look


12. But nothing prevents you from using it in any season!

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13. Wool blouses are even more beautiful in striking colors

Signe Elfriede Nielsen

14. Adding a touch of life to the look

Drea Renee Knits

15. And a lot of joy!

Kelly Augustine

16. She is the perfect proof that you can be fashion

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17. Using comfortable parts


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18. It is a good choice for days at home

Jessica Oliveira da Mata

19. For work

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20. And also for different events!

Camila Coelho

See how easy it is to assemble an amazing combination using this piece? It is perfect for any occasion!

Must-see tips for taking care of your wool blouse and prolonging the life of the garment

We have made a selection of tutorials for you to learn how to take care of your wool blouse correctly, making it last longer. Also check out tips for removing stains from the garment and making a blouse with your own hands!

How to fold woolen sweaters

In this video, you will learn 3 different ways to fold your wool sweaters so that they can be stored in the closet with greater organization. The tips follow the type of model of the blouse and the thickness of the material of the piece. Check out!

How to store wool sweaters

With a very simple and didactic tutorial, this video shows all the steps to fold and store the wool blouses in the right way, without causing deformations in the piece. These tips are really worth checking out!

How to remove stains from the wool blouse

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Have you stained your woolen blouse and can't clean it? In this tutorial, you learn how to make a solution with lemon and baking soda that will help you leave the new pieces in foil. Check out!

How to store winter clothes

This tutorial presents the correct step-by-step instructions for folding and storing wool sweaters and other winter items. In the video, you also check out valuable tips to keep your clothes always beautiful and brand new.

How to Make an Oversize Wool Blouse

If you're a fan of knitting and love making pieces with your own hands, you'll love the tips in this video. In the tutorial, you check the step by step to make a beautiful wool blouse and find the necessary materials and also the footage to make the piece.

What did you think of the tips? With them, you can guarantee that your wool blouses last longer and you can create beautiful looks for several years. You can also make a piece with your own hands, just follow the necessary steps to knit and don't be afraid to venture out!

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