20 amazing looks and 6 videos to learn various models


Camila Coelho

The blouse scarf is a trend! If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, today you will meet him and his looks will change completely. Have you ever imagined having several blouse models with just a scarf? Yes, it is possible, and we will show you how. Check out tutorials and inspirations with this amazing piece!

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How to turn scarf into blouse with style

Next, see 6 videos that will teach you various models of scarf as a blouse. In addition to the robes, you will also learn how to use it as an accessory. You have everything to rock this super-stylish trend!

8 models of blouses using a single scarf

Learn from Evelyn how to create 8 different blouse models using a single scarf. It shows all the details necessary to assemble amazing pieces with this versatile item!

10 ways to create blouses with scarf and rock

In this super-detailed video, you’ll learn how to create 10 stylish models. Among them are croppeds, blouses and even some dresses. All with a single handkerchief, without having to cut or sew anything. Come and learn!

Create beautiful blouses through ties with scarf

Raianne brings several incredible ideas on how to create several different pieces with our very trendy scarf. You will find options for all tastes and styles. Just choose your favorites and start rocking!

How to use the scarf as a blouse and accessories

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Layla will teach you how to use the scarf in different ways. In addition to showing how to use it as different models of blouses, it also shows how to use it as an accessory. Stay cool!

1 scarf and 5 different blouses

Come check out these amazing blouse designs with just a scarf. If you thought it was impossible, it’s time to get your scarf and necklace from Jessica to learn every detail of these pieces full of charm and authenticity!

Simple ways to wear scarf as blouse

Leticia talks and shows how you can make the most varied styles of blouses with scarf. It teaches from how to tie to how to adjust the models to the body. There are several options that you will love!

Did you like the models? It is a more beautiful possibility than the other, right? Now, you can bet on this trend without fear of making mistakes. Get your scarf and you will have everything you need to rock a lot!

20 photos of looks with scarf as blouse that are pure trend

Now that you are expert in the scarf ties as varied blouses, how about seeing looks with this piece? There are several models of prints of scarves and blouses that, perhaps, you would not even imagine that would be a scarf if you did not notice well. Let’s look at ideas!

1. The scarf as a blouse looks great with the short godê

Ludimila Oliveira

2. With it, you spend your hot days very fresh

Ludimila Oliveira

3. And you can even create tidier compositions

Ana Paula

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4. This piece allows simplicity and elegance in one look

Juliana Carvalho

5. And, moreover, elevates the style of any woman

Larissa Sousa

6. Use it with lashing on your chain necklaces

Victoria Zattoni

7. Or use the chains just to complete the look

Sheila Vieira

8. The combination with high waisted pants gets you ready for the day

Camila Coelho

9. If you want to combine the colors of the scarf with the bottom piece, look great!

Tamires Nascimento

10. The blouse scarf is all you need to innovate

Brittany Xavier

11. No more spending hours choosing a blouse…

Luciana Tranchesi

12. Because you have several in one fabric!


13. This magical item also favors rocker styles


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14. And, of course, the most romantic and casual ones too!

Raissa Belezia

15. And with a jump, does it look good? We approve … What about you?

Duda Salermo

16. If you like compositions with bags, you can also combine!

Magá Moura

17. This amazing piece can be the blouse model you want

Mírian Gizelle

18. It matches what you like to use the most

Milca Eler

19. And it leaves you not only a super beautiful woman …

Paloma Olivetto

20. But also super stylish and full of unique style!

Giovanna Bertozzi

There are several prints and models to be inspired! And who knows, you might not create your own original model, right? In addition to blouses, you can also adopt this trend item in other ways. See how to use the scarf for hair and rock even more in the season!

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