16 devastating inspirations and tips on where to buy


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Are you looking for a piece for any occasion? The lastex blouse is a great option. She owns more romantic looks and brings women the most diverse opportunities for compositions. Want to know where to buy and inspirations on how this piece can be used? Come on!

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8 lastex blouses to call your own

First of all, if you don’t already have a latex shirt, you’ll need to get one! And to help you in this process, we brought tips from this piece that can help you in choosing your newest closet darling.

1. Are you a fan of multicolored pieces? Here too!

Farm Rio

2. In tops with tie, she is pure charm

Farm Rio

3. And sometimes, it comes only as an important detail of the piece


4. The lastex blouse is for those who love tight body parts


5. It is for those who like romantic blouses


6. For those who like to be always comfortable


7. Puff sleeves are your thing? Dive!

Renner Stores

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8. Look at all this printed! Lindona, right?

Renner Stores

Ready? All right to see the best combinations with the lastex blouse? In addition to being comfortable, it matches almost everything you have in your wardrobe. It will be easy and fun to create your own looks.

16 looks with the lastex blouse you need to know

Now that you have more or less the idea of ​​your new latex blouse, let’s get to it! Below, you’ll find 16 different ways to use your new piece. Feel free to use it as a reference and let the creativity of the combinations flow into your mind!

1. The lastex blouse is great for everyday life

Camila Coutinho

2. And for more sophisticated occasions too!

Nati Vozza

3. Combine it with skinny pants, especially if it is puffed sleeves

Nati Vozza

4. Sometimes it will come with the combination ready!

Ana Clara Brasil

5. For days of intense heat, a short and everything is fine

Barbara Farias

6. Use and abuse the sock with it. Create many rocker looks!

Nicole Alyse

7. Mix it with all jeans: comfort and style together!

Gizele Oliveira

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8. The sets provide a classic and romantic look

Danielle Bernstein

9. See if there are no looks full of sweetness?

Danielle Bernstein

10. Pantaloons take away the sweetness, but bring elegance to the look

Francis Lola

11. The latex blouse with puffed sleeves and skirt is everything!

Nicole Isaacs

12. And the belts give more style to the lastex blouse with shorts

Nicole Isaacs

13. Another perfect set for warm days

Nicole Isaacs

14. Use and abuse combinations with neutral tones

Ana Clara

15. Because the chance to rock is certain, see?

Mirella Sousa

16. And of course, contrast the tones present throughout the look!

Ju Rodrigues

Did you like the ideas with the lastex blouse? Now just use your ideas to compose amazing looks with her! And if you are looking for ideas with other blouse models, check out the great possibilities that the velvet blouse has for you.

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