15 photos to know this summer trend


Priscilla Merlin

The inverted bikini is the newest trend that has been gaining space in swimming pools, beaches and waterfalls. It is very likely that you have seen a blogger or model wearing your regular bikini in a completely different way. Want to meet the most famous models of this future fever? Come with us and stay inside!

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15 photos of inverted bikini to innovate the summer look

When it comes to beach trends, we always want to be on the inside, right? The time has come to get to know the new fashion of the inverted bikini with the inspirations we set aside for you. Look that:

1. Starting with the strapless fall with the lashing behind

Giulia Piovani

2. But if you prefer to tie forward, that's fine!

Valeria Huarcaya

3. It is also possible to create a model with X in front


4. Or with the X tied around the neck

Marta Mielczarskaa

5. You will love playing with the inverted bikini moorings


6. Inverting it completely is also a good idea


7. It doesn't even look like a curtain bikini!

Addison Rae

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8. Were you looking for the Kendall model? It's inverted too!

Kendall Jenner

9. This style will completely enhance your breasts


10. And you can easily play it at home

Melanie Pavola

11. The inverted bikini works for breasts of any size

Luisa Guerra

12. So don't be afraid to experiment with ideas

L’Allegra Chirurga

13. Look at this X at the bottom. Beautiful is not it?

Chloe Othen

14. Anyone who sees it, even thinks it's an exclusive model


15. Now, you know you can have them all!


So, did you like this news? You are already thinking about which bikini will be applied on the next visit to the beach, right? To help you choose the ideal model, we have separated tutorials that will help you assemble your inverted bikini. Check it out below!

How to tie inverted bikini and rock a lot in summer

At first, it may not seem to make much sense. In fact, for those who are not a fan of moorings, this trend seems to be difficult to adopt in everyday life. Thinking about it, we separated 3 videos that will show you how easy it is to adhere to the inverted bikini fashion. Come and see!

Ways to tie the inverted bikini

Andressa Cunha will teach you how to use this trend in different ways. With just one bikini model, you will rock by the sea, by the pool or on your trips to a good waterfall. Follow the steps and live the inverted bikini!

Transform your curtain bikini into new models

Learn to create several different moorings with the help of Rafaela Purri – including inverted models. She explains all the details step by step so that you can go back to wearing that curtain bikini that is at the bottom of your closet. Give your pieces a new life with this trend!

Rock in the summer with new ways to tie your bikini

Dessa will also teach you how to dare in the summer with new bikini ties from a garment that you certainly already have at home. Learn how to tie the inverted bikini with this tutorial, which presents eight more different ways to use your garment.

Ready to wear a different mooring in an inverted bikini each day you go to sunbathe? You'll rock! And if you are looking for new models to compose your beach closet, check out beautiful inspirations of cropped bikini. Besides being super friendly, he is very comfortable!

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