15 photos to convince you to use this accessory


Ingrid Pgon

Tie necklace is ideal to make your look even more beautiful. This versatile accessory is named for its longer length and looks amazing with low necklines or combined with other types of necklaces. Check out different models below and find your favorite piece.

8 tie necklace models to call your own

If you are already convinced in the power of this accessory, check where to buy it to have different options when producing:

1. The tie necklace is a lovely piece

Buy at Amaro

2. It makes any look more special

Buy at C&A

3. It is possible to customize with names of special people

Buy at Americanas

4. Or write words you love

Buy at Americanas

5. The tie necklace with other accessories is beautiful

Buy at C&A

6. But alone it looks chic and elegant

Buy at Vivara

7. Surprise with a very modern style

Buy at Renner

8. And rock a lot with your choice!

Buy at Submarino

This wonderful selection made your search for the necklace easier, but it’s going to be hard not to buy one of each, isn’t it? Play in the model that suits you best!

15 photos of tie necklace to fall in love with this accessory

It’s going to be hard to resist the color tie, as it fits all tastes. Whether varying in colors, pendants or types of stones, this piece is always a killer! Check out other options below:

1. The bow-tie necklace is a wonderful and versatile piece

Fernanda Tumas

2. It is beautiful by itself

Ingrid Pgon

3. But combined with other accessories it is even more beautiful

Amanda Pagg

4. It can be used with basic clothing

Ariane Canovas

5. Just like in an elegant production


6. Because the piece fits all styles

Nah Cardoso

7. The star tie necklace is cute

Rachel Apollonio

8. And it makes the look more fun

Nat Semensin

9. Bet on the triangle tie necklace to dare

Ju Tedesco

10. It is worth even a shorter length with light point

Julia Rocha

11. The elongated model is ideal to enhance the neckline

Julia Ferreira

12. A charm, isn’t it?

Larissa Manoela

13. The bow-tie necklace matches a work look

Nathaly CBG

14. Of course, it’s wonderful for everyday life


15. Play in this accessory and be even more beautiful!

Thalya Oreste

You can use a different style for every occasion. And if you want to have more accessory options, also check out some chain necklace models to stay in fashion.

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