13 hair masks to recover the hair after the summer and to show off again


One of the premises after leaving summer behind is to regain hair, its shine, its color and of course its hydration.

The hours of sun, the pool and the sea do not forgive so to recover the good appearance of the hair the great allies are hair masks.

Its formulas contain specific active ingredients and more potent than those we can find in a shampoo or conditioner, which translates into deeper hydration thus improving the dry appearance of the hair, providing flexibility and greater shine.

For a rescue task it is recommended to use this type of products biweekly during the first weeks, then once a week will be enough.

And is it necessary to cut the tips? It is the dreaded moment of the scissors that so little likes to hear. The truth is that a mask can nourish a lot of dry tips and prevent them from opening, but once the tip is already open, the best advice is to cut them to keep them from opening any further. If this year you have decided to keep the length of your hair and do not feel like a change of look then cut the tips (the minimum) and perform a shock treatment with a mask It will be the solution to wear a beautiful mane again.

Hair masks

  • Shea Hydra René Furterer. It is a specific mask to recover hydration and shine of the driest hair. Its texture is melting and contains shea oil With Cimentrio an exclusive restoring complex of the firm and that is obtained from soy and very rich in proteins and lipids. After use the hair regains softness and shine. Price 24.80 euros.
Hair masks

  • Shea Nutri René Furterer. This mask is a more concentrated version than the previous one, it contains Shea butter and oil and repair agents along with Quince Pectin It has enveloping properties. Provide a intense nutrition to very dry hair With a rich and creamy texture. Price 24.60 euros.

  • Strengthen & Restore Shea Moisture Treatment Mask. The formula of this mask is deeply nutritious and is designed to strengthen brittle and damaged hair. Among its ingredients is the Jamaican black castor oil, this ingredient promotes hair growth while the shea butter conditions the hair and the mint Stimulates the scalp. After use, smooth, soft, flexible and repaired hair is achieved. Price 17.99 euros.

  • Dercos Nutri Protein Vichy Protein Masks. It is ideal for revitalize and repair both hair and scalp. A mask that deeply moisturizes even the most punished hair by both the sun and dryers or irons. Contains Pracaxi oil, quinoa bran and Vichy mineralizing thermal water that together soften the cuticles and reduce split ends. Price 15.45 euros.
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  • Ouai Treatment Hair Mask, this mask is formulated to repair hair quickly, leaving hair smooth and smooth from a single application. its format is single dose and is formulated based on artichoke leaf extract It manages to close the cuticles and protect the hair from future damage. Price 33.95 euros.

  • Resistance Masque Force Architecte Kérastase. It is an intensive reconstruction treatment for the most damaged hair, helping to repair hair fiber from the inside. After use the hair looks brighter, strengthened thanks to its anti-breakage action and prevents split ends. Price 38.20 euros.
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  • South Beach Nuggela & Sulé. It is a very interesting mask because it contains silicones obtained from nature, some biodegradable "silicones" unlike polymers used in other products. They are extracted from the Tucuma butteralso contains botanical ingredients They repair, nourish and provide a perfect finish to the hair. Price 27.70 euros.

  • Energy & Volume Soivre Mask. This product is formulated with plant stem cells which are capable of reactivating and rejuvenating the hair fiber from the inside, gaining the brightest hair, it also contains Biotin (Vitamin H) which is able to thicken the hair making a denser and stronger result. It does not contain sulfates or dyes. Price 13.19 euros.
Good Hair Dont Care

  • Good Hair Don´t Care! Leaders. This mask also comes in a single dose format and is perfect for use both at home and for traveling by format. The hair that will benefit the most will be the dry ones with a tendency to frizz, damaged and dyed. Price $ 25.00 (five envelopes).

  • Phytoplage Aprés Soleil Phyto. This mask is designed to restore hair that has been exposed to the sun, chlorine or seawater. A product designed to repair, nourish and get a beautiful tone again. Among its ingredients is the cupuazu butter It brings shine, softness and flexibility. Price € 13.90.

  • Hair Mask Orange Apivita. A mask to perform an express treatment, designed to recover the brightness, vitality and elasticity of dull hair. Intensive care based on essential oils revitalizing as the lemon, the orange and the grapefruit and hair more nourished by olive oil and thyme honey. Price 2.50 euros.

  • Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak Khiel´s. To preserve the color of dyed hair this mask has sunflower oil, apricot and a selection of vitamins B3, B5 and B6 and UV protection filters. After use it repairs the hair, restores hydration and prolongs the color. Price 34.00 euros.
Honey Milk Mask Repair

  • The Original Remedies Mask-Milk Honey Remedies, is a light textured nutritious mask in vegetable milk and with honey from Hungary. After use the hair gain strength and it looks smoother without adding fat or weight. Price 11.70 euros (x3).

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Nuggela & Sulé - South Beach Mask - Repair and nutrition - The first mask with natural assets and "silicones", 250ml (8.4 fl oz) "src =" https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images /I/41BGY3eRd5L.jpg

Nuggela & Sulé – South Beach Mask – Repair and nutrition – The first mask with natural assets and "silicones", 250ml (8.4 fl oz)

Soivre Cosmetics, Energy & Volume hair mask. 500 ml. "Src =" https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31P2SUt-DsL.jpg

Soivre Cosmetics, Energy & Volume hair mask. 500 ml

Garnier Original Remedies The Discipline Cocoa Milk Mask for Rebel or Hard Straightening Hair - 3 250 ml Packages, Total 750 ml "src =" https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51jqi9Q97lL .jpg

Garnier Original Remedies The Cocoa Milk Discipline Mask for Rebel or Hard Hair Straightening – 3 Packages of 250 ml, Total 750 ml

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