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We are in the sunniest time of the year, which is summer. During this period, we spend more time on the beach or in the pool, enjoying the sun and the sea. Therefore, we have separated a list with several ways to tie bikini that will make you supermodern. So if you are one of those who love to follow trends, choose one of the following styles.

11 ways to tie a bikini

Are you looking for different combinations and new ways to tie a bikini? Check out some inspiring photos to rock wherever you are. Without a doubt, you will have beautiful photos to post on your Instagram and win several likes.

1. Bra-style bikini

Luiza Junqueira

The curtain bikini is the most versatile of all and can be used in many ways. One of them is the bra style, which is the best known among women, especially Brazilian women. To use it, just tie a knot around the neck or as a bra and adjust its size. At the bottom, you can tie and choose to make two knots or a bow.

2. Bikini crossed on the chest

Iasmin Rocha

This style can be used inverted or in the traditional united front. So if you want to do it differently, just cross the straps before tying it around your neck. You will see the formation of an X on your lap. Without a doubt, this is a simpler bet, but it leaves the model quite different.

3. Inverted bikini

Alexandra Gurgel

But if you like to risk even more in ways of tying bikini, know the model invested. He became famous among influencers like Kylie Jenner and Brazilian artists like Bruna Marquezine. His idea is to tie the top and bottom string to the bottom. That is, you will reverse the order.

4. Bikini with mooring at the waist

Tay Smith

Want to innovate a little more? Give a special touch to your beach look, betting on this visual full of attitude. The bikini tied at the waist has already won many artists and bloggers around the world. The ideal is that you go around the waist several times and make a bow at the end. Without a doubt, this is one of the most current ways of tying bikini.

5. Bikini with V-strap

Ashley Malia

This is a style widely used by women who want to diversify the curtain a little. You can use it either with the V-handle or as a strapless drop. Regardless of your choice, you will undoubtedly look beautiful.

6. Inverted and crossed on the chest

Kourtney Kardashian

This style is a mixture of two others, but they are also beautiful. You can invert it and still cross it on the chest, before tying it around your neck.
Certainly, he is the favorite model of women who want to stand out on the beach and call attention to their beauty.

7. Crossed at the chest and tied at the waist


Want to look like famous artists? Bet on the cross on the chest and go around the waist several times. This is the preferred style of Brazilian singers and other personalities from around the world, and can be used by fashionistas to show off their bodies.

8. Strapless bikini

MC Mirella

Do you own a curtain bikini and want to wear it strapless? Just tie it upside down and tie a knot. However, instead of crossing the neck, you will wrap it around your body again.

9. Trikini

Brunna Gonçalves

The trikini is certainly one of the most different ways of tying bikini from this list. That’s because you will tie the top together with the bottom and transform your look into a kind of dug swimsuit. So adjust well where the bow will be, until it is comfortable for you.

10. Bikini with tie around the neck

Anastasia Karanikolaou

If you are tired of curtains and other bikini styles, you can use a scarf as an option for top tying. He is a trend among famous people and gives a more sensual air to women.

11. Inverted bikini, crossed over the chest and tied around the waist

Luisa Sonza

Anyway, this style is a mixture of many models that we have already mentioned. Here you will be able to invert the bikini, cross it on your chest and even go around the waist several times. At first, it may seem a little exaggerated, but it looks beautiful on the body.

Did you like the ideas and ways to tie a bikini? So take the opportunity to get more glamorous and have a lot of fun on your vacation or weekend trip.

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