11 pieces that make all the difference in looks


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Among all the clothes, the different models of pants are always present in the closets. The pants are simple, comfortable pieces and it makes all the difference in casual looks and even in the most formal everyday. Check out 11 models of pants that are key pieces in any women’s wardrobe.

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11 models of pants to compose your wardrobe

  1. Skinny pants: the most common and most used model is skinny pants. Quite close to the body, it is ideal for daily tasks and fits very well for a night out. You can combine it with looser shirts. The skinny is perfect for more casual looks.
  2. High waist pants: with the ideal modeling to make the hips and waists more outlined, valuing the female body, one of the most beloved models is the high waisted pants.

    She had gone out of fashion with the entry of low-waisted trousers, but, some time ago, she became a trend among all women in the world. You can also find this piece in different models like pantaloons, flare and more.

  3. Clochard pants: you may already know it, but if you don’t already know it, you’re wasting your time getting comfortable. The clochard pants have wider fabric close to the hip and taper to the rest of the legs. In addition, it gives another look to the simplest looks.
  4. Pantaloons: marking its presence among female bodies since 1970, the pantalona is one of the oldest trouser models. She has a taller and tighter waist and becomes very wide after the hips. It is super charming and authentic like you!
  5. Pantacourt: very similar to the pantaloons, the pantacourt model has only one difference: it ends in the middle of the knees or shins. It is one of the models of pants that arouse youthfulness in people create good looks with it.
  6. Cigarette: Press close to the skinny, the cigarrete pants has only one difference: it tapers towards the bar and ends at the ankle. It is also very useful for everyday use!
  7. Flare pants from the same team as the pantaloons, the flare pants are also one of the oldest models of pants. It has a tight modeling up to the thighs and wider in the knee area.

    The flare is a current model of the old bell-bottoms and is widely used to balance women with a triangular and oval shape.

  8. Boyfriend: you know those pants that look like you borrowed from your boyfriend? It’s the boyfriend! She is also known as Jogger and is completely referenced to men’s pants. It is one of the most comfortable pants models that women can have in the closet.
  9. Capri: capri pants are those that have an apparent taper towards the hem. It is often very tight at the bottom, which normally goes up to the shin or just above the ankles.
  10. Mom jeans: high waist, straight cut and wider modeling. Mom jeans are those pants that women wore a lot in the 90s and it leaves any simple look very stylish. Oh, and she is also such a comfortable show!
  11. Legging: now you want pants that allow flexibility in movements? We present the famous legging! Who doesn’t know, right? It is widely used in gyms precisely because it allows movements and they are also very beautiful with shoes like boots and medium and high boots.

Which of the pants models are still missing from your wardrobe? With these pieces, you will have no more problems when it comes to putting on beautiful looks. And if you are looking for something more specific, run to be inspired by the most varied models of high waisted pants.

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