10 things you can eat without worrying too much about getting fat


Eating is a pleasure and those who have a good appetite know it well. However, doing it in excess can have negative consequences for our body. Would you like to opt for meals that do not take a toll on your weight? Our partners of Vitónica they have given us the trick: these food will prevent you from getting packed every day and will fill you up much sooner. Of course, always keeping in mind that we speak in a healthy diet context. Remember, in the balance is the key and with these satiating proposals it will be easier to find it.

A classic: fruits of all kinds

fruit food does not make you fat

Sometimes it is hard to be aware, but the truth is that there are so many varieties of fruits that you will always find one that you like more than another. Almost all they contain a lot of water, fiber and nutrients, but few calories. That makes them ideal for the most greedy, who want to eat them daily without worrying about getting fat.

And no, the myths that say some of them get fat are false. Fruit sugars are natural, and in addition to calories, they are made up of a multitude of healthy nutrients for the body. Further, all fruits are satiating and none of them fattens When we eat them in a balanced diet, it is scientifically proven. Do you feel like eating? Give the fruit and tomorrow you will not regret it.

The second part of the classic: there is no diet without vegetables

meals do not make you fat

The same thing happens with vegetables as with fruit, which has a lot of water, nutrients and fiber in very few calories. Therefore, vegetables should be the basis of our diet and ingested every day. The problem is that consuming them is usually boring and we may have a lack of ideas.
Therefore, our colleagues in Vitónica they have looked for creative and different formulas to ingest them, so that they are much more appetizing and we catch them with more desire.

Legumes, heavy but very light

food does not make you fat

We all know how heavy a good plate of beans can be. A classic of home cooking that always leaves us full and exhausted. This is due to extreme satiating effect of legumes, which prevents excessive intake of other foods. In addition, they are rich in fiber and contain a lot of liquid, so we actually consume less than we think. Don't take them out of your diet if you want to lose weight!


food does not make you fat

They contain a lot of fat, but it is good for the body and consumed moderately do not make us fat. It is something that has been proven by numerous studies. Of course, it is not worth everything. We refer to nuts, almonds and other options that come without roasting, without salt and without having been treated previously. This does not eliminate peanuts, which although they are legumes, are still healthy. But yes to the exquisite quicos, who have been previously roasted.

Fish and seafood tutiplén

food don't get fat

Fish can also be the protagonists of any healthy feast, as long as they are white. These are very rich in protein, but very poor in calories and fat, which is perfect for any diet. And if we want to raise the level and give ourselves a whim worthy of royals, nothing like a little seafood to brighten up the day. They are almost all water and very satiating, so we will eat less and be much fuller.

Meat, but white

meals do not make you fat

Turkey, chicken and poultry meat in general is basically protein and water, so it is very popular in weight loss diets. This protein fills much more than carbohydrates, so its satiating effect lasts much longer. You can also include pork! Of course, it is not worth the fried KFC, as much as we would like.


meals do not make you fat

His fame does not precede them, but the truth is that eggs are very rich in protein. But also, they are very satiating and low calorie foods. If we still want to reduce them further, we can eliminate the yolk and eat them hard, although they have many healthy nutrients and fats.

Olives, pickles and chives

meals do not make you fat

The appetizer should be something sacred and, if we avoid french fries, even healthy. Olives and other pickles have very few saturated fats and carbohydrates. Yes, avoiding dressings that come with too much salt. Pickles and scallions are also healthy, although they have a little more carbohydrates, you can eat them by handfuls.


meals do not make you fat

Oatmeal has entered our lives fairly recently, but we already see it on the shelves of all supermarkets. It has become a must of healthy breakfasts and good that it does. Because it has a lot of fiber and provides a lot of energy. In addition, it can be mixed with any fruit and with yogurts or milk, it is yummy!

A joy for the body, popcorn!

meals do not make you fat

Happiness in a single title, because who doesn't love popcorn? They are cereals, that is, fiber and carbohydrates from head to toe. In addition, its ability to quench us away from hunger before a package (or two) of chips. However, they come with trick. And is that those sold in stores are bathed in fats and salt. No, for them to be healthy the best is make them with hot air machine, without oil and without salt. Now you fancy a cinema, right?

** Of course, a balanced diet also includes factors such as sport, balanced diet and perseverance. These foods are very satiating for the most part, so they get you to eat less and be fuller.

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