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Everyone wants to fit in and feel belonging. Styles always help with that, right? And it is from this desire for identification that Aesthetic Girl arises. There is no shortage of different aesthetics to suit all tastes. Whether it’s more romantic or rebellious, there’s definitely a style that suits yours!

What is Aesthetic Girl?

Fashion is constantly changing, isn’t it? Having a style goes far beyond the way you dress and make up and, with the popularization of social networks like Tumblr, Tik Tok and Instagram, Aesthetic Girl gained strength and many ramifications. Want to know more about the subject? So, read the article below, and we’ll explain everything!

Characteristics of Asthetic Girl Styles

From delicate, romantic clothes to boots and chains around the neck: these are some of the many styles of Aesthetic Girl! With different influences, they took over the internet and show their looks and personalities through photos and videos.

There are so many different aesthetics that, for sure, some of them fit the clothes, makeup and decorations you like and you didn’t even know! And there’s something for all tastes and tribes, okay? You just need to know a little more about each one to know which one fits your style best!

Meet the most popular types of Aesthetic Girl.

If you’re tuned into the fads of the moment, you’ve already heard the terms VSCO girl, E-girls, Dark gym, Soft girls, among other names. Want to know the difference between each of them? Just take a look at some of the most famous current styles that hit all the networks:



The name comes from “electronic girls” and is a more modern version of the emo style. But don’t be fooled: e-girls have a broader influence that unites different tribes, from electronic music to games and very urban hangouts. Makeup tends to be more striking, with a distinctive kitten outline. The hair can be colored and with a classic short fringe. Oh and they abuse plaid, stripes and chains!

soft girls


Totally the opposite of e-girls, soft girls like a cute aesthetic and marked by pastel tones. And romanticism is the watchword of this style, huh! In other words, lots of sweet clothes, with puffy sleeves, colorful hairpins, light makeup and that very characteristic sweetness. Oh, and k-pop groups are these girls’ idols!

VSCO girl

Carol Soares

A variation of the Tumblr aesthetic, this style gained strength with the photo editing application, VSCO Cam. In it, the bluish and basic filters are a hit among the most good vibes and beach-loving girls. The clothes are very comfortable, so expect to find plenty of sweats, tie dye, baggy blouses and casual sneakers. Makeup is also light and natural. And this style loves a photo that is both urban and with its little feet on the edge of the sea.

Tumblr girls

Cindy Pineda

One of the forerunners of aesthetic girls, Tumblr girls have been successful for a decade. The eternal social network dedicated to photos and the teenage universe has immortalized girls who love a laid-back life, but full of attitude. All Start, black and vintage clothing are the trademarks of this tribe. And, of course, photos could not be missing: the records are from parties, urban centers and with many friends!

art girls

McKenna Kaelin Suman

As the name suggests, art girls are strongly influenced by the fine arts. Very linked to paintings and sculptures, they are easily found in a painting studio or in a museum full of classic works. Earth tones are the favorite colors of these girls. Makeup and hair are not that important, because a very loose bun is enough!


ice princess

Those in love with anime and manga culture follow the kawaii style, which in Japanese means cute! And cuteness has everything to do with this aesthetic: light tones, pastel shades, sweet accessories and even a more childlike look. Well-lined eyes are the main characteristic of kawaii girls.


Michelle Norris

With a vibrant color, the kidcores love the children’s universe. And the clothes reflect this well: there are several accessories with ribbons, lace and beads. A stuffed animal and posters of drawings can’t be missing from the room’s decoration. The makeup also matches the clothes, a mix of colors that resembles a rainbow!


ilse marie

A true rescue to life far from urban centers, the girls who follow the cottagecore style appreciate a calmer day to day and with a strong connection to nature. Clothes are light and usually made of cotton and light earthy tones. The favorite tour is a picnic with homemade food made with natural ingredients.

dark gym


The romanticization of academic life and the love of knowledge are the hallmarks of the dark academy’s followers. So, in addition to vintage and earth-toned clothes, they always have a book under their arm. Another striking feature of these girls is that air of super charming mystery!


Saskia B.

A kind of more modern goth, girls who love the witchcore style also flirt with a mystical and esoteric side. Clothes are usually black, with long dresses and a basic combat boot. The hair, on the other hand, is long and dark, as is the makeup, usually with a striking outline. Photo backdrops range from a forest to a different cemetery.


Meghan Cealligh

Style of the 90’s, grunge never goes out of style. Inspired by bands like Nirvana, this aesthetic has a more rocky, alternative and even rebellious feel. Here, chess enters the picture, as does the good old All Star. So, don’t expect a very elaborate production of this style, after all, the stripped down is one of the main characteristics.

Always remember that style is something that is constantly changing, so don’t feel pressured to fit into just one, ok? Dress and be what makes you feel most comfortable in the moment and know that you can always change!

Learn more about Aesthetic Girl

How about taking a look at some YouTube videos that explain a little more about the different types of Aesthetic Girl? We separate ideas from several bloggers for you to know more about the styles of the moment and get inspired!

Ideas for cottagecore girl

Cottagecore style lovers will love this video! In it, dear Carol Soares builds a complete look following this aesthetic in a simple and cheap way. It has everything from a super cute make up to a perfect outfit for those very country photos.

Tips for being a vscogirl without spending a lot

If you prefer a more modern style, then the tip is to bet on this tutorial. Here, Camyla Lima teaches you how to set up a bedroom, style clothes, rock makeup and gives you several golden suggestions to be a vscogirl in a simple and cheap way!

How to be part of the dark academy

Anyone who is a fan of earthy tones, mystery and a lot of culture should invest in the dark academy aesthetic. With a black boot, pleated skirt and sweater you can already put together a complete look! Want to know more? So watch the full video!

Soft girls: style for cute girls

Pastel tones, delicate clothes, discreet makeup and a lot of cuteness: this is the basic style of soft girls! And if you like all this, then be sure to check out this complete tutorial and cool tips for getting into fashion!

Be a classic and timeless indie girl

The indie style had its heyday in 2010, but it continues to renew itself and is a reference to this day! And if you love this wonderful aesthetic, then the suggestion is to take a look at this video. With super cool tips, it teaches you how to do your best looks in an authentic and very beautiful way.

What’s up? Found the style you like the most? When in doubt, check out these aesthetic looks for more inspiration!

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