10 celebrities who use little make-up and are gorgeous


Imperceptible makeup, almost absent. But with an irresistible beauty and charm. Even celebs love simplicity and show it by using very little make-up. For a super natural but always (uniquely) extraordinary beauty look.

Beautiful with little, very little make up. Accomplice this last year of closures and, for some, of a healthy return to the essential, even the way of putting on make-up has changed. Giving a lot more space for naturalness, to unfiltered beauty and a simpler approach to make-up. That enhances your natural beauty without distorting or covering it.

A new mood, which under the banner of body positive, is really conquering everyone (and thank goodness) also thanks to the example of actresses, singers, influencers, etc. that are immortalized totally natural or with a almost invisible makeup. Showing themselves in all their beauty exactly as they are. Here, then, are some of the celebs who make the almost total absence of make-up theirs strength. Simple and absolutely extraordinary, just like you.

Rihanna and her make up for every woman

Eccentric and chameleonic, the pop star Rihanna has always accustomed us to sudden changes of look and guaranteed effect. To an often decisive beauty look, with marked and eye-catching colors. But not only. Because Rihanna is also champion of soap and water beauty, of the refined but essential make-up. Applied to have fun and never out of obligation or to change. That enhances the features and natural skin colors.

A make-up that enhances and embellishes anyone without distinction. It is no coincidence that she is the creator of a cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty. Products that “speak to all women”. With a wide range of shades and nuances capable of satisfy any type of complexionis. I’m also with a bit of makeup. After all, it takes very little to make something extraordinary that is already wonderful.

Gigi Hadid, nude and natural make-up

Recently mother of a beautiful little girl (and how could it be different), Gigi Hadid is one of the most prominent and sought after models by stylists from all over the world. A face that lends itself to interpreting different women and styles. And that’s how we are used to seeing it, but only on the catwalks. In fact, in everyday life, Gigi’s beauty look is by no means marked or eccentric.

But draws to the natural colors of her complexion. Without weighing it down or modifying it. A very light make-up, often completely non-existent, capable of fully enhancing its light tones. From the complexion to the blue eyes, up to the golden hair. All with products from nude and illuminating nuances. In fact, in her beauty case you can find:

  • a glow-effect bronzer, to be applied on the face with a flat-tip brush;
  • a brow gel, for eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • waterproof mascara;
  • lip balm;
  • nude lipstick.

Very little make up fromsuper wow effect.

Zendaya, always magnificent

Very young and beautiful Zendaya is undoubtedly one of the most loved and followed celebs on social media. The reason? Her natural freshness and spontaneity, both in the way of being and interacting and in the make-up. A true transformer, lover of fashion and who is not afraid to dare and amaze with her always different looks. But they never go overboard when it comes to make-up. Not even on the red carpets where he sports gods minimal and essential beauty look. Which enhance the amber color of her complexion and beautiful dark hair.

make up zendaya

An invisible make-up, always harmonious, which enhances the features and its natural colors in an exceptional way. With a more accentuated focus on the eyes, which are transformed thanks to a make-up light but able to attract attention. And in “real” life? Everyday Zendaya is the champion of the natural look and simplicity. And on the other hand how to blame her?

Emilia Clarke (his thousand looks)

Surely you will remember her as Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Throne series, Emila Clarke is one of the most loved actresses and requests from Hollywood. Always gorgeous in every look (and there are so many) both in the films she plays and in her private life.

We have seen her red, blonde, with long or short cuts. With ethereal or super seductive make-up. But in everyday life Emilia is absolutely basic. Lover of natural tones, which perfectly enhance her complexion and the innate sweetness of her features. In short, despite the fact that he is always very well, he is not there nothing that makes her more feminine than her natural face and with just a little make-up on eyes and lips.

Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber

A true beauty icon. With a simple and young style but at the same time characteristic and super cool. Haley Bieber (yes we’re talking about Justin Bieber’s wife) leaves nothing to chance. From clothing to make up. But it does it in a way that always turns out extremely fresh and natural.

A minimal makeup, which highlights thebright and tanned complexion, preferring colors and natural products. All delicately embellished with nude nuances both on the eyes and on the mouth. In short, a really make essential, invisible. Which with a few simple moves manages to embellish and make even more extraordinary the already undisputed beauty of this young style icon.

How to copy the “Hailey make up”

But how can she always be so perfect? By opting for the right products of course, able to enhance its features and peculiarities, such as:

  • a tensor serum to be applied immediately after the moisturizer, to give volume and an immediate lifting effect;
  • foundation satin and medium coverage;
  • a concealer slightly lighter than foundation and creamy. To blend under the eyes and in the central part of the face;
  • bronzer in cream;
  • eyeshadows with warm and opaque tones, like brown;
  • nude or peach lipstick, super natural.

Matilda De Angelis (make up no-make up)

Very Italian and winner of the last David di Donatello as best supporting actress, let’s talk about Matilde De Angelis. Blue-eyed brunette (and this would be enough) is done spokesperson for a new concept of beauty. In which the simplicity and essentiality they are the key to making the most of your strengths. To always feel yourself and at ease.

Matilda made herself known not only for her acting skills but also for her own extraordinary freshness and naturalness. Showing up on social media with acne scars that she has come to love. Without covering up with layers and layers of make-up but distorting the unreal concept of perfection in favor of a healthy and true authenticity. Because nothing makes you more beautiful than being totally yourself and loving yourself in every little facet.

Ester Exposito, nature and simplicity

You will surely know her for her role in the television series Elite, the very young (and super promising) Spanish actress Ester Exposito. Although her face lends itself very well to any type of make-up, Ester shows up very often on social networks (Instagram in particular) with beauty look in the name of simplicity and naturalness.

An imperceptible, super delicate make-up that embellishes the tones of her complexion, outlining the features in a harmonious way of the face. For an extremely natural effect that in no way modifies its innate beauty but which, with absolute lightness, manages to make it even more fresh and luminous. A beauty look all to be copied!

Alice Campello, true beauty

Particular signs, beautiful. For those unfamiliar with it, know that it is one of the most followed Italian influencers on Instagram. Wife of the footballer Alvaro Morata and mother of three beautiful children (and she is only 26 years old!). We are talking about Alice Campello, very blond and with an angelic face, with or much more often without makeup (also because if she has it it is really imperceptible).

There classic and extraordinary beauty soap and water, who needs little, very little make-up (even nothing) to be truly amazing. A very light trick to embellish the delicate features with a touch of extra brightness. The classic example to show that the best make-up is your smile and the happiness of being what you are.

Beyoncé, very little make up and a lot of self confidence

We are used to seeing her with sparkling dresses, voluminous hairstyles and makeup that leaves nothing to chance. Super glittery and with a guaranteed magnetic effect. But Beyoncé is especially beautiful when she takes off the role of the pop star we all know and shows herself in a way natural or with very little make up.

An undisputed, harmonious beauty, with warm and enveloping tones. Embellished e enhanced by personal self-confidence and three simple beauty steps:

  • skin hydration;
  • brightness only on specific points of the face;
  • foundation of a color slightly darker than the natural skin tone, for volume.

As if to say, it takes so little to be amazing. Seeing is believing!

Emma Marrone, champion of authenticity

Always at the forefront for women of all ages, for the freedom to be what you are, always and in any case. Emma Marrone is really fantastic. And with a unique style even when it comes to make-up. Going from a make-up in a perfect rock mood to the most basic and essential possible.

A total no make-up, capable of perfectly enhancing her face, features and colors. Simply, without filters or sweeteners. The exact mirror of what Emma sings in her songs and transmits to the public. In conclusion, a true and authentic beauty. Uniquely extraordinary.

As is each of you, even with very little makeup. Because as so many celebs demonstrate, beauty is not so much what you put out, but it comes from what is built inside. Self-esteem, self-confidence and the awareness of being unique and beautiful, each in her own imperfect but fantastic diversity.

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